Exam Schedule

The exam schedule for the 2021-2022 school year will be posted at a later date.


    • You must be on time and in complete uniform for all exams.
    • Exams must be taken during the scheduled time period.
    • You are expected to be present on exam days.  “Students will be excused from exams and allowed to make them up only in the case of severe illness, emergency situations, or extraordinary circumstances as determined by the Administration… Family vacations do not constitute an emergency.”  In the case of illness, a student must bring in a note from a doctor and the student will be expected to make up the exam(s) either during a conflict time or over break.
    • You are expected to be on time for all exams.  If you are tardy to an exam you will not be given extra time to complete the exam.
    • You do not need to be present during periods in which you do not have an exam (i.e. – study hall). However, once you arrive at school, you must remain at school until the end of your last exam. You may not leave school and return. 
    • There is no Eagle Learning Center on exam days. All students must exit the building by 12:30. Be sure to arrange appropriate transportation
    • During exams, you must be in one of two places:  1) in a classroom with a teacher taking an exam; or 2) in the cafeteria studying.  If you are fortunate enough to leave early, make sure you have arranged for transportation.
    • The cafeteria will be open for quiet studying .  Electronic devices may not be used in the cafeteria (except CJ-issued Chromebooks).  If you are in the building and not taking an exam, you are expected to be in the cafeteria.  Report to the cafeteria with all necessary study materials.  Roaming the hallways, going to your locker, etc. will not be permitted during testing – it creates unnecessary distractions.  Being in the hallways during testing without significant reason will result in disciplinary action.
    • If you finish an exam before the end of the period, you must remain in that classroom until the end of the testing period.  Bring other study or reading materials with you if you think you may finish an exam early.  You will not be permitted to go to your locker during testing.

    Remember to balance your time during exam time.  Many of you are juggling school work, extra curricular activities, work, and other family responsibilities.  While all of these things are important, your main focus this week should be preparing for your exams.  Put together a schedule if necessary and stick to it!