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POWERED BY GOOGLE©  |  Training Presentation
Connected Classroom is an exciting initiative that brings technology to the forefront of the student learning experience and gives all our students the tools to take a more active role in their learning.  At the heart of Connected Classroom is the Google suite of products and a Chromebook. Students and parents must read the Connected Classroom Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy.  If students have a problem or question about their Chromebook, they can visit the Help Desk in the Library from 7:30 - 3:30 on school days or email

DDL Website
Courtesy the University of Kentucky: The idea of being a good digital citizen becomes more important as schools use various technology as a part of the learning process. Where does this get taught? Who teaches it? How do we keep track of all of this? How do we know what areas need addressing and/or follow up? The DDL project allows learners (whether they be students or teachers) to get exposure to concepts through cases and learn to become responsible digital citizens. Learners can take the practice and evaluative exercises to both facilitate and certify their knowledge.
Access the Digital Driver's License website here.

NetClassroom Parent Information
Parents receive a NetClassroom Information sheet with their log in and passwords in early August each school year. Students receive their own login information in homeroom at the beginning of each school year.
NetClassroom is the Grade Book software we use for families to see student grades and track progress. Teachers update about every two weeks, so make sure to log in if necessary.
You can access NetClassroom from this link.