Brian Reinhart

CJ Service: Athletic Director
461-3740 x233  |  email

Education: The Ohio State University, BA Public Relations; The University of Toronto, MTS

CJ Philosophy: I believe CJ truly exemplifies and embodies what it means to be catholic. First and foremost all you have to do is walk the halls of CJ and see it as truly “universal” in the diversity and makeup of our community. I believe this unique aspect allows for everyone to feel as though they belong while learning from and respecting those that are different. In addition to that CJ teaches, models and reminds us of how good God truly is and that we should continuously grow towards God in all aspects of our life. This is done through our community praying together, serving others together, and working together to bring out what God has blessed every member of our community with.

I’d like to think I bring a lot of experience to CJ as I have been in Catholic, secondary education for 14 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator. More importantly though I do my best to live by the Golden Rule as best as I can and try and make people’s lives a little bit better. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to do mission trips around the country and the world which has fueled my passion for helping others around the school, around the corner and around the world.