The mission of the Performing Arts Parents Group is to support teachers and administrators in giving our students an outstanding performing arts experience by enabling them to respect themselves and others as they grow in their art.

Parents involved in this group will help cultivate, expand and improve the Performing Arts program within the Chaminade Julienne Community. The Parents Group will support the implementation of the Chaminade Julienne Performing Arts Departmental mission statement.

Promoting and assisting with various events involving:       

  • Eagle Pride
  • Liturgical Choir
  • Concert Choir
  • Theater
  • Concert Band
  • Stings Ensemble
  • Vega
  • Age V

Please e-mail Mark Phillips, CJ PoPS President, if you have any questions or would like more information regarding joining CJ PoPS.

Mark Phillips, President (790-1345, email)
Beth Marshall, Teacher Representative (648.6914, email)
Liz Mussin, Meal Coordinator (790-1345, email)