Quiz Bowl Wins Sixth League Title

Members of the CJ Quiz Bowl team repeated as league champs this season, winning their sixth consecutive title since 2007.

In late January, the varsity team extended its streak of consecutive Greater Catholic Academic League championships by finishing the regular season undefeated.  Senior captain Arthur Siwecki has never lost a GCAL title as a four-year competitor.

“This season went wonderfully,” Siwecki said. “We had a few difficult games, but we were able to pull through.”

Through the Eyes of a New Teacher

From the first time I entered Chaminade Julienne High School, I knew it was a special place. On my first visit, I had an opportunity to meet with students who are recipients of the Marianist Scholarship. We had lunch together with other vowed Marianist religious in the school library. I learned about their extracurricular activities, their favorite classes and why they enjoy being a Chaminade Julienne Eagle. They spoke with maturity, good humor, honesty, and respect for the school. I have to admit, I was impressed.

Latin Class Builds on Vocabulary Lessons

When learning Latin this year with Mrs. Linda Colas, foreign language teacher, students have been building on vocabulary lessons by constructing scale models of Roman-style architecture just as the Romans did.

Freshmen and sophomores in Colas's period 5  Latin I class worked in pairs and individually to build miniature versions of ancient Roman dwellings, designing both the interior and exterior of urban, rural and wartime buildings. Students were then challenged to demonstrate their knowledge by labeling the structures and rooms, and presenting their creation in class.

Enriching the Classroom Experience

Academic enrichment activities are a part of life for CJ students and are purposefully embedded into the school’s courses. These extracurricular opportunities range in theme from math, science and the arts to social justice, social responsibility and service. They are initiated by faculty and staff members at different times throughout the year, each with a unique purpose.

While not all alike, these instances spent away from the textbook help serve as a catalyst for illuminating an eye-opening, inspirational, informational, or fun aspect of the lesson at hand.


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