Opening Festivities Announced for Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the Chaminade Julienne Eagles

A week-long of festivities will be held to celebrate the opening of Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the Chaminade Julienne Eagles.

Festivities will begin on the night of the school’s traditional “Meet the Eagles” held Thursday, August 18 beginning at 7 p.m. This is the same event where just last year, news of the stadium was first announced. In addition to the pep rally-style introduction of participants in fall sports and performing arts activities, the new complex will be dedicated and blessed in the company of students, parents, teachers, coaches and staff.

Dayton Dynamo Committed To Play at Roger Glass Stadium

A professional soccer team, that is calling Dayton home once again, has committed to playing at Roger Glass Stadium beginning in 2017.

The Cincinnati Saints announced they would be relocating to Dayton earlier this fall. On December 3, in the CJ Library, the owner of the soccer team, David Satterwhite, announced the new name for the organization, the Dayton Dynamo. The name is a homage to the Dayton Dynamo indoor professional soccer team that played in Dayton from 1988 to 1995 before moving to Cincinnati and becoming the Cincinnati Silverbacks.

Ribbon Cutting Held for Building One

During the annual Meet the Eagles event on Wednesday, August 19, benefactors of the LIFT- Leading in Faith Today campaign, along with CJ students, faculty and staff, participated in the official ribbon-cutting of Building One.

"This evening is a testament to what can be accomplished when you create a plan, when you invite the community to support that, and you showcase the wonderful students that we have," said Dan Meixner '84, president.

New Faculty and Staff Join CJ

The new school year ushered in new faces to the CJ community. This year, three of the eleven new faculty and staff members are CJ alumni. And while some new members were a part of the CJ community before the school year started, manyt are taking on expanded roles.  Learn more about all our new faculty and staff below, and welcome them to CJ!

Building One Opening Celebration

The first day of school for the 2015-2016 school year was also a day to celebrate the opening of Building One. Renovations to Building One, originally constructed in 1951, were unveiled as the continuation of major capital improvements planned for the school through LIFT — Leading in Faith Today, a $20 million initiative.

Building One Progress Report

After several rain delays, the weather finally cooperated on Wednesday for construction crews to place the new air conditioning unit onto the roof of Building One.

"This is a big step forward of progress in this renovation project," said CJ President Dan Meixner '84. "Being able to create a more conducive learning environment for our teachers and our students is really exciting."

The air conditioning unit was delivered to CJ in seven pieces and each piece had to be lifted onto the roof by a crane. The largest piece of the unit weighed 7,000 pounds.


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