STEMM Idol Speakers November 18 & 19

Chaminade Julienne welcomes professors from two prestigious universities this Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 18-19. All students are invited to the library during homeroom periods to find out more about the STEMM-related programs that Ohio higher education has to offer.

On Monday, professor Beth Hart from the University of Dayton School of Engineering will discuss the college, career, and travel abroad opportunities in engineering at UD and beyond. Then Tuesday, Dr. Dennis Heldman, Ph.D., of Ohio State University will expound upon food science’s role in tackling world hunger issues.

CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Crystal Taylor

All students are invited to explore college and career opportunities Tuesday, Nov. 5 with guest speaker Crystal Taylor from the University of Toledo’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

According to Taylor, studies show that by the year 2020 there will be a national shortage of pharmacists, with about 14,000 spots to fill in this region of the country alone. Meanwhile, the number of college of pharmacy graduates continues to rise. Ohio colleges ranked sixth nationally in the number of students receiving first year pharmacy degrees in 2011*.

Tom Johnson Headlines STEMM Idol Series

What better way to start off the 2013-14 CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series -- Chaminade Julienne's popular co-curricular offering that features presentations by doctors, engineers, professors, inventors, and scientists -- than by welcoming a local STEMM entrepreneur and reality TV star?

Tom Johnson is just that, and will interact with students at the school's downtown campus Sept. 23.

PLTW Biomedical Students Sample CSI

Project Lead The Way biomedical science students at Chaminade Julienne met with the city of Dayton’s chief forensic toxicologist just days after classmates happened upon the scene of a suspicious “death” found in one of the new CJ STEMM Center labs.

If this sounds like an ominous start to the school year, don’t be alarmed. The planned exercise is one of the innovative, hands-on activities teacher Amanda Ooten uses to engage students during the early weeks of her Principles of Biomedical Sciences course.

CJ STEMM Center Dedicated August 28, 2013

Chaminade Julienne dedicated its newly constructed CJ STEMM Center during a grand opening Wednesday, Aug. 28. Dayton area STEM professionals and educators, alumni and partners came to campus to see how the new learning spaces would make a difference in the education of today’s students. Though the Center was planned and designed to support science, technology, engineering, math and medicine education, all departments will have the option to use the new facility, and every student will use the remodeled spaces.

CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Don Bretl

Where do you begin when asked to find a solution to the perpetual need for clean drinking water, a problem facing more than one billion people around the world? For Procter & Gamble, the answer lies in principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Learn more about what STEMM professionals at the Cincinnati-based company are doing to combat this global issue during homeroom periods Tuesday, April 30. Guest presenter Don Bretl, a mechanical engineer with P&G, will discuss the research, development and production behind his company's Pur water filtration packets.


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