November 2009

Walker Signs With UConn

Chaminade Julienne saw its first athlete of the school year sign a Letter of Intent as Samarie Walker inked a contract with the University of Connecticut on November 13. Signing through tears and a smile, the two-time All American, three-time District All Star and ESPN top-ten player said that the moment was “a dream come true.”

“I have dreamed of playing for UConn since fourth grade. I’ve admired their coaching staff, how hard everyone works, and their desire to win.” Walker’s collegiate goals include assisting the Huskies in winning four more championships and earning a degree in business management. Before all of that happens, Walker looks forward to spending her last season at CJ helping the Eagles on its trek to Columbus.  To young aspiring athletes, Walker advises, “work hard and follow your heart.”

Moment of Celebration

Chaminade Julienne is a community that is so blessed and has much to celebrate this fall. With recent student academic and athletic success in mind, school principal John Marshall sent an “all call” for the school to gather on an early Friday morning in November and say, “yeah!”

Once together, students were asked to stand and be recognized for different achievements they had earned. Those who had made first quarter honor roll took the first bow, followed by four seniors who were named National Merit Scholars Semi-Finalists: Rebecca Anthony, Brianna Leddy, Michael Manovich, and Janine Steffan.

Athletes and teams were also spotlighted for their success beyond regular season play including the women’s tennis doubles, Nicci Dresden ‘13 and Mollie Buerschen ‘13, (3rd in State), women’s golf team (6th in State), women’s volleyball team (Regional play), football team (play-offs) and cross country runner, Lizzie Gleason ‘13, who would compete at State the following weekend.

“The impromptu gathering also provided us an opportunity to take a historical photo that we will use to say, ‘thanks,’ to our supporters,” Marshall said. The all-school photo was a first for Marshall as principal. “Everybody enjoyed the spirit day and when the photographers started directing the photo, the whole school followed their cues creating a great shot.” Jason Unger, assistant principal, added that the teachers were impressed by the students’ participation and response to the assembly, all paving way for the possibility of more “moments of celebration” and academic pep rallies.

By Emily Draeger ‘13

Join Hands

CJ Joins Hands in Service with the Miami Valley. Over 175 members of the CJ school community worked with volunteers from University of Dayton, Sinclair and Wright State, and other organizations, in serving the Dayton community through Join Hands Miami Valley. This community volunteer effort held October 24-25 in conjunction with Make a Difference Day, is in response to a national call for involvement and volunteerism. Last spring, Governor Ted Strickland recognized Join Hands Miami Valley as one of Ohio’s top 10 volunteer projects for Make a Difference Day 2008.

This year, CJ members could be found helping out in a variety of ways at 15 service locations including St. Vincent Hotel, Elizabeth's New Life Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Aullwood Audubon Center. The school has a strong tradition of service in the Dayton area as evidenced by the 8,700 hours of service it donated to Dayton and the broader community last year, a figure that represents hours volunteered over and above what the school requires at each grade level.

“This is an opportunity for us to serve the community as a group,” said Kelli Kinnear, CJ ministry and service director. “Service and justice are essential to who we are and our mission. It is also a time to introduce the underclassman to service. We hope to see the freshmen develop as leaders. We have been helping in this program for about 15 years and will be back next year.”

For more information about CJ’s involvement in Join Hands Miami Valley, or the school’s tradition of volunteerism, please contact Kelli Kinnear, CJ ministry and service director at 461-3740 x209.

By Jasiris Tapia ‘13