August 2015

Mock Trial Summer Seminar Held

For the second year in a row, students spent  three days learning more about legal system and saw actual court proceedings take place, during a Mock Trial Summer Seminar.

"I had participated the previous year, and found that the knowledge I gleaned from the experience helped me in the actual competition," said Jacob Troutwine '17.

The CJ Mock Trial Team is part of the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education High School Mock Trial organizaiton and is moderated by Tony Ricciuto '74.  The program practices for several months before competing in a District Competition in January at the Montgomery County Courthouse. That was the location
for the summer seminar, where students had the opportunity to hear from Common Pleas Judge Mary
Katherine Huffman.

"My favorite part of the Mock Trial Seminar was learning from Judge Huffman and the attorneys, while still being able to tap in to what I learned while being a part of Mock Trial last year and understanding a lot of what they were teaching us about," reflected Marcie Meyers '17.

During the seminar, students also witnessed court proceedings and toured the Montgomery County Jail.

"It was an eye-opening experience that made me feel so much stronger for my values, morals, and faith," shared Troutwine. " It's hard to imagine being at the jail for more than an hour tour, and it makes me far more grateful for where I am- surrounded by good, moral people."

Meyers said she knows she will use what she learned at the seminar to help CJ succeed during the upcoming Mock Trial season.

"Being an attorney is a lot about tapping into peoples' emotions and getting them to see a case from their perspective. If you address important morals and are able to make the jury feel something, you have a greater chance of persuading them of your case. It is less about what you are saying than how you are actually saying it."

Mock Trial practices begin in October and November. Contact Tony Ricciuto if you would like to learn more about Mock Trial.