May 2016

Three Sign to Continue Playing Football in College

Three football players will continue playing the sport they love as Tyler Curtis '16, Spencer Dufresne '16 and Deter Spees '16 committed to playing college football on Wednesday, May 4. Curtis will attend Otterbein University, Dufresne will attend Mount St. Joseph University, and Spees will attend the Florida Institute of Technology.

All three said the schools they chose had the academic and athletic needs they were looking for.

"I went up to Otterbein and had a good visit," Curtis said. "It really seemed like the place for me and I will be able to study systems engineering there."

"The coaches at Mount St. Joseph approached me about football and the school had the biology programs that I was interested in," noted Dufresne.

Spees added, "The Florida Institute of Technology had everything I wanted to study. When I saw they had a football team, I knew it would be perfect for me."

Head Football Coach Marcus Colvin said college signing days are some of his proudest moments as a coach.

"I think the best thing for me as a coach, and as a program, that we can do is have kids for four years and then they still want to play football in college," Colvin said. "I think that is a testament to our school and to our program."

At least four out of the eight senior football players will continue to play in college, Colvin noted. Derson Pratt '16 signed with Cincinnati Christian University in February.

"To have half of the seniors commit to playing in college is really exciting," Curtis reflected.

Spees agreed, "That's a really big accomplishment for our senior class. It shows how much we love the sport and want to grow in our community."

The college community is something the players and Colvin feel the students are ready for because of CJ.

"I've learned at CJ a lot more about who I am as a person," Dufresne shared. "I think the community has helped me with that. I think going to a school that is only about twice the size of CJ will be really nice."

Colvin added, "The kids will find at college that they will seek community. If they don't find it, they can create it. That's the best thing about CJ, as kids leave here, they understand what community is and how to develop and foster it. I think the support they have shows that the CJ community is special. It intangibly becomes part of these kids and something they seek as they go to college."

Posted May 6, 2016


Brian Reinhart Named CJ Athletic Director

After a comprehensive search, Chaminade Julienne has selected Brian Reinhart as the school’s new Athletic Director.

“Brian comes to us with great school administration experience, leading a wide range of student activities, including directing an athletic program,” said John Marshall ‘86, principal. “He has come to understand and embrace CJ’s sense of family spirit, the importance of collaboration throughout the school community, and the swell of energy surrounding the opening of Roger Glass Stadium and the outdoor practice field in August.”

Reinhart was most recently at St. Mary’s Parish & Schools in Annapolis, Maryland where he served as assistant principal/dean of students and director of formation. He has previously coached football, wrestling and track as well as moderated Student Council, Mission & Ministry and the Social Justice student clubs. Reinhart has led student mission trips around the country including to several Native American Reservations, New Orleans, Santa Fe and St. Croix. Additionally, Reinhart has served as a director for Catholic HEART Work Camp since 2000. The Catholic volunteer organization connects youth groups to service opportunities around the nation.

Originally from Bucyrus, Reinhart graduated from The Ohio State University in 1996, earned a Master of Theological Studies in 2005, and is currently completing his Master of Educational Leadership degree.

"It is an exciting time to be a part of athletics at CJ as we look to build upon the wonderful traditions and foundations that have been established over the years,” said Reinhart. “I look forward to working hard with all members of the community. Together, we will bring out the best of our student-athletes, coaches, and each other.

“Athletics is an important part the student experience at CJ as we continue to form young people in the traditions of the Marianists and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur,” Reinhart continued. “Together we can continue to move CJ athletics forward and be a leader in the classroom and community as well as on the field, court, track, water, mat, lanes and course.”

Reinhart will begin his role as Athletic Director in July.

Posted May 5, 2016


2016 Service Awards Honors Students

Students who went above and beyond the expectation of service during the 2015-2016 school year were recognized during the 10th annual Service Awards on Wednesday, May 4.

"CJ is unique in having an assembly to just honor service," said Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. "Every school has academic and athletic ceremonies, but it's also important for us to award students who are doing amazing things in the community."

In the ceremony, students who volunteered 25 or more hours beyond their class requirement received the Bronze Award. Those who volunteered between 50 and 99 hours were given the Silver Award. Students who completed more than 100 hours of service beyond their class requirement were recognized with the Gold Award. Other awards given out  to students during the ceremony included the LaSertoma Youth Service Award, Sr. Ruth Ann Service Award, George Early Scholarship and the Mayerson Book Award, which was a new honor CJ began awarding this year. 

"The Mayerson Foundation is a service based foundation from Cincinnati," Kinnear explained. "For schools participating, one student is honored for their servant leadership and volunteerism. That student receives a book that is signed by the author. The award is a different book every year. A student of any grade level can be chosen for this award unlike our other awards which are grade specific."

Also during the ceremony, Bob Young, Facilities Manager, was awarded the Faculty/Staff Founders Award.

Several student groups were also recognized during the Service Awards including FLIGHT members, LIFE members, Service Homeroom representatives, students who gave blood, and the Senior Capstone Group named "Got Veggies?" which was recently honored by Catholic Social Services with their Youth Leadership Award.

Another group of students honored during the ceremony were the members of Little Sibs.

"Our students who do Little Sibs apply for the program and it's a non-credit class," Kinnear noted. "They're doing it to make a difference in the life of a child. It has an impact not only on the Little Sibs but on our Bigs as well. I think it gives our students a sense that they have really made a difference."

Kinnear continued, "This ceremony not only honors students for their service, but I hope it inspires other students to get involved in service."

Number of service hours completed by CJ students during the 2015-2016 school year beyond what was required of students through their religion curriculum. The total represents a contribution of $233,432  to the local, national and world economy according to the Independent Sector's valuation of an hour of service.

The number of student Service Homeroom Representatives who regularly communicated service news and information to their peers this school year.

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Bronze Award recipients. 

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Silver Award recipients.

Number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who were Gold Award recipients.

Number of service hours Suzie Phillips '16 accumulated over her four years at CJ, which was the highest amount in her class.

Number of years the Little Sibs Program has been in place at CJ. 26 "Littles" in grades K-2 at Ruskin Elementary and Immaculate Conception School were a part of the program this year.

Recipients of the Red Cord Honor Certificate of Achievement. These students donated blood at the CJ Blood Drive at least three of their four years of high school.

Posted May 4, 2016

Two Athletes Commit to Bluffton University

Two athletic seniors will continue to be classmates after graduating CJ as TJ Mills '16 and Christian Wortham '16 both committed to take their talent to Bluffton University on Monday, May 2.

Mills, a point guard on the women's basketball team, received several post-season accolades this season including GCL All-League First Team, District 15 All Star, Honorable Mention Southwest District and being named a Dayton Daily News Athlete of the Week.

"I'm very excited," shared Mills. "Bluffton has a nice campus and it felt like it was for me. It fit me and that was most important."

"I think TJ would have done well wherever she went to school and she picked a great place," expressed CJ head women's basketball coach Mandy Meyers '00. "TJ will be an asset to Bluffton because she is such a competitor."

Wortham, who was ranked first in the state for triple jump during the indoor track season, will continue to jump and race for Bluffton.

"Bluffton wanted me and it was one of the schools I wanted to go to for track," Wortham said.

"It is a good fit for him," head track and field coach Jerry Puckett continued. "It's a smaller school and a very nice school. I think he'll do very well there."

Both Mills and Wortham said the similarities between Bluffton and CJ were attractive to them.

 "What they have there we do at CJ," Wortham explained. "We have to do service throughout the year at CJ and we will do the same at Bluffton."

Mills agreed, "They have a similar sense of community and community service is also important.  I'm happy to be a part of it."

Both athletes were thankful for the support of classmates who came to watch their commitment signings.

"I'm grateful for everyone who came and for all the support at CJ," Wortham shared. "I'm able to go to the next level of education and do what I love to do thanks to this school."

Mills added, "I'm going to miss playing with my teammates and seeing my friends. I'm happy they came to signing."

"This past year, TJ was the show leader on the floor," Meyers noted. "This year she came into her own in the position and we will miss her."

Puckett added, "Christian has a lot of athletic talent and makes our team better. He's a very nice young man, extremely talented, and he is now getting to show it."


Students Travel to France, Normandy and England

"It was amazing and a life-changing experience."

Kenya Compton-Harris '16 was one of the 11 students who traveled to France, Normandy and England recently. The trip was organized by French teacher Michelle Mize.

"The students learned a lot about the culture and history of France," Mize said. "Nothing beats getting to experience firsthand the sights and sounds of a language and culture. They learned about the French monarchy and the Sun King. All of the students toured Versailles and the Louvre and were able to witness the majesty of wealth the monarchy had. They also stood in the square where royals and the like were guillotined and there learned about the fall of Louis XVI, the Sun King's grandson."

Spanish & ESL teacher Libby Harbaugh also went on the over-seas adventure.

"My hope is that the students found or learned a new motivation for learning another language," Harbaugh explained. "I keep telling my Spanish students to push through the tough grammar points we learn in class because once they have this foundation, they will be able to really grow in the language. I loved watching the students on the trip push and surprise themselves with what they were able to understand and communicate. A trip like this helps them feel connected to what they are learning both linguistically and culturally."

Andy Roderer '16 had not taken a French class previously and said that did not stop him from having an fun trip. 

"I knew a lot of people going so I wanted to go," Roderer said. "I picked up the language a little bit here and there as we went along."

Some of the landmarks the group visited included the Eiffel Tower, the D-Day Museum, and Big Ben.

"Going to London was my favorite part because it reminded me of New York City," Compton-Harris shared. "We saw Buckingham Palace which was awesome and we watched the changing of the guards as well."

"My favorite moment of the trip happened one night in Caen, France, when we had just a quick hour of free time after dinner," Harbaugh noted. "Mrs. Mize and I came across this beautiful had just rained, the sun was trying to set, and there was a rainbow over the church, and the whole sky was just gorgeous. We crossed the street and climbed a huge hill only to realize we had just happened upon the remains of William the Conqueror´s castle and fort. We walked the edge of the castle, which gave an incredible view of the city from above."

Roderer said he couldn't choose just one landmark as his favorite on the trip.

"Everywhere we went was amazing," Roderer reflected. "I recommended everyone to take a trip like this. It was a great experience."

"The trip was awesome and I loved all the educational opportunities our students had from tasting authentic cuisine to talking in or hearing French while shopping, touring, or just relaxing," Mize added. "England was amazing as well and everyone enjoyed the Jack the Ripper tour and watching the changing of the guard.

Mize continued, "Trips like these will be life changing and many students are inspired now to study abroad or to continue traveling to other parts of the world building their intercultural competence and global awareness."

Posted May 2, 2016