June 2017

Students Serve in Taos, New Mexico

Earlier this month, a group of students and two adults traveled to Taos, New Mexico for a mission trip. This is the first time a group from CJ has traveled to serve in Taos.

“I have gone on four mission trips through CJ during my time as a student and Taos exceeded all my expectations,” shared Dani Ostendorf ‘17. “I wanted to go on this trip specifically because I really wanted to learn more about the culture that I was serving.”

The group served at the Taos Pueblo and Taos Day School alongside groups from Cincinnati and California. 

“When we arrived, we were greeted with many smiles and great energy from the kids,” CJ group members wrote in a journal entry. “We split into two groups; one was playing freeze tag with the kids on the playground and the other was playing basketball with the boys. This was a great start to the day because we were so welcomed in their environment.

“When the playtime was over we had to get to work.” the entry continued.”The boys went out as a group to pick up trash around the Pueblo and the girls stayed inside and made cookies for the celebration the town was having the next day. When we were making the cookies, one of the adults was telling us how to make the cookies in the Taos tradition and described to us how their community was known for their intricate cookie designs. Once we finished the cookies we headed out to the fields to play with the kids some more. We played basketball and capture the flag and had such a great time bonding with them.”

During the mission trip, the group also took in the sights in the Taos area including the Rio Grande Gorge, the Taos Pueblo Catholic Church, The Loredo Chapel and Joseph’s staircase. Taos Pueblo drummers even performed for the groups one evening during the mission trip.

“My favorite part was having two Taos Pueblo drummers named Midnight and Doc come to the house we were staying at and perform for us,” reflected Ostendorf. “They explained how upholding their culture and traditions is very important to them, how to make a Pueblo drum, and how to dance at a Pow Wow. They really helped me understand their culture and history better even though they weren't able to tell us all the specifics since they hold so much sacred.

“One thing I wasn't expecting was to leave the trip with such a greater respect and knowledge for something so foreign to me,” Ostendorf continued. “I knew going into it I was anticipating different surroundings and culture, but I am very grateful for the experience I had in which I was able to dive head first into learning something many people today don't know about. The importance of this culture, yet the sacredness of their traditions, really moved me and struck me as fascinating and I left wanting to research so much more. I highly recommend this trip for those students who wish to learn more about the Native American tribes that are still very prevalent in our country today, and for those who wish to serve kids and make memories in such a unique environment.”

Posted June 30, 2017 (Photo Courtesy: Dani Ostendorf)

Performing Arts Students Honored with Superlative Awards

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, performing arts students, teachers and supporters came together and celebrated a successful year which included the reopening of CJ's renovated auditorium. Additionally, several students were recognized with superlative awards.

"We began the awards recognition for Performing Arts students in 2010 with our first banquet," explained Debi Schutt, the Director of Performing Arts. "We wanted to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and successes of our students and the department each year. The same participation awards, as well as superlative awards, have been given since that time. It has now grown and evolved to the awards recognition ceremony we had this year in collaboration with our PoPS concert.

"The students give so much of their time, talent and energy and do an amazing job , we want to make sure we recognize that among their peers, family, and friends," Schutt continued. "The awards can often serve as motivation for students in following years to work towards as well."

Drama and Choir teacher, Caitlin Bennett, agreed, "It is a great opportunity for our students who go the extra mile to be recognized."

Students recognized this year with superlative awards included:


  • BAND — Madison Meixner (not pictured)                          
  • STRINGS — Clara Mussin Phillips
  • CHOIR — Courtney Redd
  • DRAMA — Katie Coyle


  • Freshman — Kat Bishop
  • Sophomore — Will Marshall (not pictured)
  • Junior — Holly Siefert (not pictured)
  • Senior — Christian Hemsath (not pictured)


  • FEMALE — Libby Blackshire
  • MALE — Sam Ruff  (not pictured)


  • FEMALE — Sarah Benson
  • MALE — John Muhl


  • Angelo Knight
  • Jacob Troutwine


  • Clara Mussin Phillips


  • Andrew Hartley (not pictured)    


  • Alexis Jackson (not pictured)   

Some students shared what it meant to be recognized and their passion for performing arts at CJ:

Sarah Benson '20 (Star on the Rise): "I am honored to have won this award. There were many people who could have easily won this award. I have enjoyed every moment in the performing arts."

Kat Bishop '20 (Leadership Award - Freshman): "I was so happy when I heard my name called! Over my past year at CJ, I have felt welcomed, especially in the performing arts department. I thoroughly enjoy expressing myself through the performing arts, and watching myself and others grow in the process. One of the main things that drew me to CJ was the performing arts department. It has grown so much over the past year, and I can't wait to see what is in store for the years to come!"

Katie Coyle '19 (Best Spirit - Drama): "The Performing Arts group at CJ is my second family; they are always there to support me and help me grow. I feel like the best theater spirit award is not just mine to claim. WE, as a group, help spread the cheer and keep the backstage party going!"

Angelo Moore-Knight '18 (MVP): "I feel honored to have won this award. It was nice to receive my third superlative award. CJ performing arts has made me a friendlier person. CJ Performing arts is a wonderful place to meet great people and to do great things!"

Posted June 27, 2017

Students Share Memories From Belize

Students came together for a cause as they traveled nearly 3,000 miles to Belize during the week of June 12. The group went to overseas as one of CJ's summer mission trips led by CJ parent Dr. Steve Huffman. The 11 students and three adults served at St. Joseph school by painting and building a classroom.

"We began the day painting the picnic tables with bright colors while the kids helped us put handprints all over the wooden posts, and then we started laying down cinder blocks and cement to build a classroom," Cheyenne Coyle '18 and Aryana Sutton '18 wrote in a journal entry. "Our favorite parts of this trip so far have been how excited each child has been to even just sit with us, how they remember our name just from the first day and how they hold our hands and give us hugs every chance they get."

"The kids are all amazing and we are getting so close with them," added Jillian Baker '18 and Josie Weitz '18 in a different journal entry. "In the beginning, all the kids were kind of awkward with us, but as time has gone by, each of us has gained better relationships with different ones."
During breaks from painting and building, the group played with the children of St. Joseph. 

"We were able to bless the children with the gift that is volleyball," Nicole VanVoorhis '18 and Blake Wogoman '18 shared in a journal entry. "We had so much fun passing the ball around in a circle for several hours (around the regularly scheduled games of catch). Once we were winding down for the day, the school surprised us with a makeshift volleyball net. It was made of tires, metal poles, and some really thin string. But it was more special than any other volleyball net."

On their last day of the mission trip, Bradlee Walker '17 wrote, "Overall, today we all will remember the children we met and made friends with. The children’s faces full of an ignorant bliss completely captured all our hearts. We were able to bless the children with just being a happy face for them to play with and by building a classroom that they will be able to learn in for the rest of their pre-high school years. We all knew that we were not going to be able to keep the relationships we formed with the children, but we also knew that we were going to be doing great things. Most importantly from this trip I learned, and I am sure all the others learned, that the saying, 'The simple things in life can make us happy,'  is absolutely true."

Posted June 20, 2017

2017 Spring Sports Season In Review

The spring sports season was thrilling for the Chaminade Julienne community as not only several athletes and coaches received post-season awards, but two groups represented CJ in the state tournament.

Record 23-5
CJ baseball had its most successful season in over 40 years and finished as runner-ups in the Division II State Tournament. The team was 11-1 in the GCL and were league champs. The team defeated GCL rivals Alter, Carroll, and Fenwick, and defeated Badin three times.

"The team had an excellent tournament run which included a district championship in 10 innings,  a regional championship, and a state semifinal win, before finally ending our season with a loss in the state championship game," noted Head Coach Mike Barhorst.  

Post-Season Awards
GCL Athlete of the Year
Garrett Wissman

1st Team All-GCL
Mark Barhorst
Ryan Peltier
Daniel Slaybaugh
Garrett Wissman

2nd Team All-GCL
Cameron Benoit
David Ernst
Brendan Kadel

GCL Coach of the Year
Mike Barhorst

1st Team All-Area
Mark Barhorst
Garrett Wissman

2nd Team All-Area
Ryan Peltier

Honorable Mention All-Area
David Ernst

Mizuno All-Ohio
Garrett Wissman

CJ Awards
Mark Barhorst - CJ Legacy Award
Joe Geraghty - CJ Eagle Award
Ryan Peltier - CJ Pitcher of the Year
Garrett Wissman - CJ Most Outstanding Player

Men's Lacrosse
Record 3-13
"We were a first-year team who had a great spirit and energy despite the tough record," shared Head Coach Ricky Redinger.

The team was led by Jimmy Wittman who scored 30 goals on the season. His eight goal performance led the team to a big win against Fairmont.

"Graduating 11 seniors will be hard to replace, but they have left us with great momentum and a wonderful culture for future teams," Redinger added.

Women's Lacrosse
Record 9-9 (Varsity), 12-2 (JV)

"Some highlights of the season included playing in Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles, the Kettering game where JV and Varsity players played, not just Varsity, and had a landslide win, and defeating GCL rivals Carroll and McNicholas," Head Coach Danielle Cash shared.

All six returning seasons were offered college scholarships to continue playing lacrosse. Two players, Lydia Stamper and Olivia Livingston, signed with Ursuline and Transylvania respectively. 

This was the second year for women's lacrosse to play a JV team.

"We had five JV players earn Varsity letters from playing enough halves of Varsity during the season," Cash noted. "Rhiannon Beall, Brynia Lewis, Megan Piatt, Greta Spees, and Sarah Arnett.

"Overall it was a good season, but we are praying for a healthier one next year," Cash continued. "The three week lasting bronchitis strain named, "the bronc" by the girls ended up infecting nearly all of the Varsity team. It started In the defensive end, worked its way down the field and then back again at the end. We also had a stomach flu strain come through and numerous injuries; some lacrosse related and some not. So, our number one hope for next year is that they stay safe and stay healthy so they can show what the CJ Eagles really can do!"

Post-Season Awards
2nd Team All-District
Olivia Livingston

CJ Awards
Olivia Livingston - MVP Offense
Brianna Moore - MVP Defense
Avery Meyer - Most Improved Player
Megan Stefan - Most Assists

Record 12-8
CJ Softball had another outstanding season and earned the title of GCL North Champs for a second year in a row. The team had big wins at Alter and Carroll this season. The group made it to the second round of tournament play.

Post-Season Awards
GCL Athlete of the Year
Carly Fugett

1st Team All-GCL
Erin Colbert
Carly Fugett
Caroline Nevius
Natalie Northern

2nd Team All-GCL
Erin Heiney
Queen Peters-Thornton
Hannah Schwagger

GCL Coach of the Year
Dee Werbrich

Men's Tennis 
Record 9-10
The men's tennis team faced good competition this year and took third place in the GCL behind Fenwick and Alter, Head Coach Jim Brooks noted.

"Andrew Hartley had the best record on the team at 14-7, playing mostly third singles," Brooks said. "Nick Henne and Cole Breeding finished with a record of 13-8 at second doubles."

Post-Season Awards
1st Team All-GCL, Singles
Will Marshall

2nd Team All-GCL, Singles
Joe Allaire
Hunter Johns

2nd Team All-Area, Doubles
Joe Allaire and Hunter Johns

Honorable Mention All-Area, Singles
Will Marshall

Track and Field
It was another successful season for CJ's track and field team with the team sending members to the state tournament for a ninth year in a row.

Head Coach Jerry Puckett shared these highlights from the season:

  • Jesse Kahmann was in the seated events at state. Not knowing anything about the process we jumped in and he worked hard. The result was placing 5th in the shot and 8th in the 100 meter race, which resulted in two medals and two spots on the podium.
  • Jack Dalton proved hard work and commitment always pays off. He won several races in the 1600 and 800 meter races earning him runner of the year at the GCL meet. He placed 4th at state to go along with his 5th place at indoor state from earlier this year.
  • The boy sprinters kept getting better every meet. They finished 2nd overall at districts. Donnie Stevenson, Jumarion Wills, Jance Peters, Calvin Hatcher, Isaiah Dickerson, Keshaun Owens and throwers Eugene Gray, Max Leibold, and Alonzo Carter.
  • The freshmen girls had a great season. Julia DiLoreto, Imani Wortham, Meyah Haywood and Lindsey Carter all had a big year. Two from the group were in every relay (and three were in indoor).
  • Dallas Jones had a big year in the 400 and 200, but especially in the 4x2 and 4x4 relays.
  • The two senior girls, Lauren Pegues and Danielle Lewis, had good years in 100 and 200, and even ran a 400 once in a while. Their leadership in the 4x1 and 4x2 were incalculable. Danni made it to state three times while at CJ and Lauren went all four years. They both got championship rings in the 4x1 their sophomore year.

"The future looks bright for CJ track if we can keep everyone together and healthy," Puckett added. "I have a great staff of Paul Beyerle, James Perry, Nicole Kahmann and adding Steve Dickerson next year."

Men's Volleyball
Record 12-11
"This season, men's volleyball was able to field three teams and played a freshmen schedule," shared Head Coach Megan Marrinan. "We had 25 boys in the program and are looking forward to returning all but two seniors."

The team was awarded the Team Academic All-Ohio Award for the second year in the row for a cumulative team GPA of 3.714. The following players were awarded the Individual Academic Award from the State:  Nick Barnes, Austin Fuchs, Evan Eichenauer, Chase Hoffman, Alex Mayer, Joe Rains, Andrew Barnes, Sean Menker and Eric Miller.

Post-Season Awards
1st Team All-GCL
Nick Barnes

2nd Team All-GCL
Chase Hoffman
Alex Mayer

1st Team All-Region DII
Nick Barnes

2nd Team All-Region DII
Chase Hoffman

Honorable Mention All-Region DII
Alex Mayer

2nd Team All-State DII
Nick Barnes

Posted June 15, 2017


Milestone Recognition for CJ Faculty and Staff

CJ faculty and staff celebrating milestone years in education were honored at the annual Miami Valley Teacher Recognition Banquet in May. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which holds the event, recognized educators from the greater Dayton region.
Celebrating milestones during the 2016-2017 school year were:

  • Caitlin Bennett - 5 years
  • Sandy Bruns - 5 years
  • Michelle Mize - 5 years
  • Sr. Nicole Trahan (not picture) - 5 years
  • Angie Hammerly - 10 years
  • Ann Szabo - 10 years
  • Tina Wagoner - 10 years
  • Deacon Jim Walworth - 10 years
  • Debi Schutt - 15 years
  • Ellen Downer - 25 years
  • Kelli Kinnear - 25 years
  • Joe Staley - 30 years
  • Peg Regan - 40 years

Those celebrating milestones were also recognized at the annual CJ end-of-the-year faculty and staff luncheon.

Posted June 13, 2017

Art Students Paint Murals for SNDdeN Learning Lab

Art students used their talents to create paintings that will be displayed in the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur's Photovoltaic Learning Lab.

CJ STEMM students have been connected to the Photovoltaic Learning Lab since its inception in the winter of 2013. The lab was installed at the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur's Cincinnati campus in the winter of 2015.

"Once the equipment was installed and operating in the lab, which is a single bay of a brick garage on the Sisters' property, we began to brainstorm about ways to expand the learning space into representing something more than just the technical photovoltaic system," CJ STEMM coordinator Meg Draeger explained. "I began thinking about a STEAM Art component to enhance the space, which is rather stark and bare, with a large blank white wall that divides the garage bay from the rest of the garage. I spoke with Kaye Carlile, CJ art teacher about possibly creating a large painting or mural to fill that space. I applied for an Innovative Teaching Grant of the Miami Valley Catholic Schools in September 2016, and received one, which would cover the materials' expense to create murals. 

"By late fall 2016, after I received word that I was awarded the grant, I shared that news with the Learning Lab project team, and Mount Notre Dame High School expressed an interest in playing a larger role in the art project," Draeger continued. "We took a step backwards, conducted meetings and worked to generate a larger scope for the project. The murals that Kaye's students would create became six to eight paintings that could serve as part of a portable traveling display about the PV Project and Learning Lab, or be displayed in the Lab.  We were connected to the MNDHS art teacher, Michele Brauer, and this summer will finalize a plan for the entire space - aesthetically and academically, to create artwork in various media for the space, and learning activities to be done by visiting students of all ages, K-12, in the lab as part of a traveling exhibit and presentation about the project." 

"I think that it's great when my art students can become involved in a project that has such a huge global impact as the clean water project," Carlile shared. "It's a challenging endeavor to step into the mode of creating specific imagery for a specific purpose. In this case, it was creating images that reflected the culture of one of the areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a region where one of the photovoltaic projects has been installed."

Chloe Brzozowski '19 and Natalie Davis '18 were two of the art students asked to help with this project.

"I painted an African woman cleaning clothes by a river," said Davis. "I was given the option of this picture and I chose it because of the colors and I thought that it would be a good challenge."

"I painted a photo of a church," Brzozowski said. "I added a tree in the background to add more interest and depth to the painting."

The students said the opportunity to have their paintings displayed in the Learning Lab showcases the great partnership between CJ and the SNDdeN.

"I think it is a very unconventional way to get different types of people together, bonding through our faith, and hope for the lives of those in need," Brzozowski reflected.

Davis added, "I loved this project because it allowed me to focus more on the bigger things rather than all of the small details. I feel important because the SNDdeN are such a great society and I am honored to have my artwork on display."

"It very much excites me when different projects that start out independently merge and relate to each other," Draeger shared. "Those connections occur all over in the world, in our daily lives; one person, or event, or place, relates to many others, and it's part of our life's adventure to discover those connections, to encourage students to seek those connections and learn about them."

The paintings will be taken to the SNDdeN campus this summer before being used as a traveling display.

Posted June 7, 2017

Eagles Earn Trip to State Baseball Tournament

Update (6/3/17) - CJ lost in the state championship game, 4-0. Congratulations on a great season, Eagles!

"It's a dream come true."

Head baseball coach Mike Barhorst '85 spoke for the entire team after the Eagles clinched a spot in the state semi-finals. The baseball team won their regional final game on Saturday, May 27.

"It's been a tremendous season," Barhorst said.

This is the first time the Eagles have been in the state baseball championship in more than 40 years. The team last won state in 1970 and their last trip to state was in 1975.

"The team has known it's been a long time," Barhorst shared. "It's time for us to make the run; it's pretty exciting."

Team captains Mark Barhorst '17 and Garrett Wissman '17 were freshmen when the team last made it to the regional finals in 2014.

"I'm just really happy," Mark said. "I always knew it was possible and I'm just ready to keep playing."

Wissman agreed, "It's hard to put it in words. We knew we had the team and had the talent. To see it all pays off means a lot."

Posted May 30, 2017