September 2018

Musicians Chosen for Elite Orchestras

Only elite musicians are chosen to be a member of the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. For the 2018-2019 season, three CJ students were selected for this opportunity.

Libby Blackshire ‘20 (trumpet), Lily Davis ‘21 (cello) , and Anna Mussin Phillips ‘21 (flute and piccolo) have been playing their respective instruments for several years. They each had different reasons behind their motivation to participate in the orchestra..

“I heard about it from one of my friends, but I've always wanted to experience playing orchestral music, as the genre is completely different from anything I might play in the marching band or a concert band,” Blackshire said. “Getting the chance to be surrounded by more than 90 other skilled musicians and making music together is an enchanting experience.”

“I was interested in joining because it's a great learning experience to make me a better player and I want to play in a Philharmonic when I graduate college,” Mussin Phillips noted.

“I started in the Dayton Philharmonic Junior Strings, the first year it started in 2014,” Davis shared. “I first became interested because my lesson teacher, Dr. Linda Katz, encouraged me to audition. I wanted to join DPYO this year because I had spent two years in Junior Strings, two years in Youth Strings, and I wanted to move up to the bigger orchestra.”
As part of their experience, the students will perform as a whole orchestra three times throughout the school year.

“I'm looking forward to the challenge that comes with playing orchestra music,” Blackshire said. “It is such a different experience listening to orchestral music and playing it, and I know I'm going to have to work hard in order to keep up with DPYO.”

Davis agreed, “I am most looking forward to playing harder music, playing with my friends, making new friends, and being part of the large orchestra.”

Mussin Phillips added, “I am really grateful to have gotten in and I'm so excited for this opportunity. Also, I'm super excited to perform at the Schuster Center!”

In addition to their local performances, the orchestra was chosen to perform at the Ohio Music Education Association conference in Cleveland in January 2019. This the first time the orchestra has been invited to perform at this conference since 2006.

Davis was also selected to perform with the OMEA 2018 Southwest Region Orchestra. The 80 member orchestra consists of the violins, violas, cellos, basses and harps. They will perform at Hamilton High School on Sunday, November 18.

Debi Schutt, director of performing arts, reflected, “In gaining membership into both the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as well as the Region Orchestra, these students have the opportunity to broaden their experiences in larger ensembles and challenge themselves as musicians as they perform and interact with other top high school musicians from across the regional area.”

Posted September 18, 2018

Class of 2020 Embarks on Service Learning

Junior year is significant for students in many ways - the official title of being an upperclassman, for most - the beginning of their college search, and specifically for CJ students, the opportunity to dive deeper into a social justice issue that could lead to a potential Senior Capstone Project.

Students took a step towards their investigatory year and their ISJRP, Integrated Social Justice Research Project, during the junior service fair on Tuesday, September 11. More than a dozen local organizations and non-profits were represented as students learned more about each group.

“It’s nice because the organizations’ representatives come to the students,” Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service said. “This makes it manageable for our students to get connected with our partners.”

As part of their religion requirement, juniors will serve 25 hours with one or a few outside organizations. Sophie Haws ‘20 said that participating in a summer mission trip guided her decision on where to serve. 

“It was a really amazing experience and I’m looking forward to continuing my service with St. Vincent,” Haws shared. “I will hopefully get to go on more home visits and learn about how I can help neighbors.”

Others were making their decision based upon personal interests.

Dion Bruce ‘20 said, “I was excited to see a couple organizations involving animals.”

“I like getting to work with kids so that’s why I am hoping to volunteer at The Clubhouse,” Larry Turner ‘20 shared.

“The majority of our students will do their service with the people who presented at the junior service fair,” Kinnear explained. “This is a great way to get the students connected and to see these organizations doing great things in our community.”

Posted September 13, 2018

Students Learn About Club Opportunities

With two dozen options to choose from, students can easily get involved in one or multiple clubs at CJ.

Clubs range in topics of personal interest, academics, leadership and service. During homerooms on Monday, September 10, all students had the opportunity to learn more about each club.

Club offerings at CJ this year include:

  • Anime Club
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Communications and Technology Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Cosmetology Club
  • Eagles for Life
  • Eagle Ambassador
  • Eagles Robotics
  • Fashion Club
  • FreshMan Club
  • Freshwomen Club
  • Gems of STEMM
  • Juggling Club
  • Mock Trial
  • National Honor Society
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Science Olympiad
  • Ski Club
  • Society of St. Julie Club
  • Student Council
  • Student Development Chair
  • Students in Action (SIA)
  • Writing Club

Greg Mueller, assistant principal, told students he was open to new clubs forming throughout the school year if there are enough students interested in starting a club. Learn more about clubs at CJ here.

Posted September 10, 2018


Celebrating On and Off the Field On Thursday Night Lights

The football game on Thursday, September 6 was much more than an athletic event. It was the CJ community gathering together to highlight athletes, students and the school’s impact in downtown Dayton.

Preparation for the main event, featuring the Eagles versus the Greenville Green Wave, began before the sun was up. Football players, cheerleaders, and members of Eagle Pride pumped up viewers on FOX 45’s morning show.

“The FOX 45 team was outstanding getting our students excited and fans too,” said Kary Ellen Berger, CJ communications coordinator.

From flag twirling, to catching footballs and cheering, the FOX 45 team and students entertained those on and off the field. A recap of the morning show highlights can be found here.

While thousands congregated to Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles for the game that evening, more were watching in their homes or elsewhere on TVs, computers and mobile devices thanks to FOX 45’s live stream of the game. Those not at the game also saw several behind the scene features which included the presentation of the Universal 1 Credit Union’s Scholar Athlete of the Week. From CJ, Emma Schaefer ‘18 received this award. A group of students also represented CJ in the Kroger Community Outreach commercial. The Eagles focused on the contributions students make to the greater community through Senior Capstone Projects.

Fans at home and in the stands heard Eagle Pride’s halftime show featuring the music of Michael Jackson. Director of performing arts, Debi Schutt, spoke prior to the performance about the advances the school’s performing arts department has accomplished recently including performing at the opening of the Levitt Pavilion and participating in the Wayne Invitational.

The football game itself was entertaining for Eagle fans and the football team. Both the Eagles and the Green Wave were undefeated heading into the game. The Eagles scored early in the first quarter and never looked back, routing the Green Wave 58-16.

Quarterback Ryan Minor was named the FOX 45 Thursday Night Lights Player of the Game, as he threw for 245 yards and four touchdowns. But the biggest surprise of the night was waiting for him at the end of the game.

As Eagles Head Coach Marcus Colvin finished talking to the team after the win, Ryan’s father, Christopher, who has been deployed in Turkey since December, came through the crowd to surprise Ryan. Christopher is an active duty officer with the U.S. Air Force and had arrived back in the U.S. earlier in the week.

“It was very heartwarming. I had no idea he was here," Ryan said to FOX 45, "I’m glad he got to witness a good game.”

You can watch the touching reunion between Ryan and his father here.

“The entire night was amazing,” reflected Jeremy Greenleaf, CJ director of athletics. “Thank you to the entire FOX 45 team, the sponsors, and the CJ community for coming together on a Thursday night for a fun, family event here in downtown Dayton.”

The entire football game, including special shout-outs and the band halftime performance, is available online here. The matchup will also be rebroadcast on WKEF/ABC 22 on Sunday, September 9 at 12 p.m.

Posted September 7, 2018


Junior Leaders Chosen For Competitive Program

Select students who are “motivated and committed to becoming a leader in the community” were chosen to be a member of the YMCA Junior Leadership Dayton program this year. Three of those selected were from CJ.

Madeline Hofstetter ‘20, Madison Meixner ‘20, and Juliana Yoss ‘20 completed an application process, which included two essays, on why they felt they would be essential members in this program.

“We will be doing many things that help strengthen our leadership abilities,” Meixner shared. “The very first day we are learning about what type of leadership styles we each possess. We’ll also learn the strengthens and weakness that is inherent to each style. There's another day where we will visit the juvenile detention center and learn about that process.”

“We will learn what makes a good leader, how to apply those skills in real situations around Dayton, time management, public speaking, forming connections in the community, the promotion of social justice and diversity through action, and how to work well with our peers,” Hofstetter said.

“Along with great leadership skills, we will also experience new points of views from different parts of Dayton,” Yoss noted.

Members of Junior Leadership Dayton will meet once a month from September through April. Meetings will be held all around the Miami Valley and each meeting will focus on a specific topic.

“I’m excited to meet new people from all over Dayton along with gaining new skills,” Yoss shared.

“I am most looking forward to the social justice aspect of this program, and committing ourselves to the betterment of Dayton through service and outreach to all of Dayton's different organizations,” Hofstetter reflected. 

Meixner added, “I am most looking forward to the service project that we are all required to do. For this project, we all have to get into a small group of a few other students and plan a project that will help a good amount of people. I know that it is going to be a lot of work, but I think the reward will be worth it.”

Posted September 5, 2018

CJ Educators Unite in Italy

Two CJ educators traveled to Italy this summer for separate reasons, but came together for memorable experiences.

School chaplain and math teacher Fr. Bob Jones, SM went to Rome as a delegate in the 35th General Chapter of the Society of Mary.

“It is an international meeting of Marianist brothers and priests that happens every six years at the General House in Rome,” Jones explained. “The General Chapter is a legislative body that evaluates current practice, sets policy, and elects a new Superior General and his Council. The Chapter wrote a document that will be circulated to all members of the Society of Mary which maps out the next six years for the congregation. Because of its international character, we worked in English, French and Spanish - using translators as needed.”

Science teacher Matt Fuhs was in Italy to support his family. 

“My wife, Mary, along with two other psychology professors, took a group of 16 University of Dayton students to Italy for study abroad courses,” shared Fuhs. “We were there for the entire month of July and took our two boys. Since my wife was working, it was my job to be dad.”

Once realizing they would both be in the country together around the same time, Jones and Fuhs planned a time to meet up.

“Fr. Bob came up with the idea of celebrating Mass while we were there and we could bring the UD students for a congregation,” Fuhs said. “Later, I told him that my wife and I were going to be celebrating our anniversary, and he immediately offered to renew our wedding vows.”

“A memorable part of the trip was being able to celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Saint John XXIII altar with the Fuhs family and UD students in attendance,” agreed Jones.”It was extra special because I was able to witness Matt and Mary's renewal of wedding vows for their 10th wedding anniversary. Later in the month, we were able to meet up again and have pizza together at a Roman ristorante. Having lived in Rome for three years, I really enjoyed hearing about their adventures in the city, especially from their 8-year-old son.”

Jones added, “After my time in Rome, I was able to spend five days in Spain, visiting the Marianist communities in Vitoria and San Sebastian (both in northern Spain.) There are Marianist schools in each of these cities, so it was great to visit places that do the same thing we try to do here at CJ as we implement the Characteristics of Marianist Education. I should also mention that in 24 days in Rome, I never once ate the same pasta dish twice (and I ate pasta every day!)  Also, there is no comparison to Italian gelato!”

“My time in Italy has brought a greater appreciation for air conditioning, and made me realize that American drivers and traffic are not that bad,” Fuhs joked. “It has also left me wondering why our pizza crust is so thick and why I have to walk more than 100 yards to find ice cream (gelato) in America.”

Posted September 5, 2018