November 2018

STEMM Idol Speakers: Ryan Bowe & Eddie Ruff '12

Students interested in learning more about STEMM fields recently heard from two speakers as part of the CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

Ryan Bowe came to CJ on Tuesday, November 20. She is the quality control team lead within photogrammetry and remote sensing at Woolpert. She considers herself a metadata specialist, focusing on data about data, and manages a team of five people and countless projects.

“My team makes sure all the deliverables go out and are correct,” Bowe said. “We are meticulous and detail oriented people who make sure we did everything we’re supposed to do.

Ryan began her career as a GIS (geographic information science) intern at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources before becoming a GIS specialist with Photo Science, a quantum spatial company.

“While GIS is a pretty common idea, I wanted to show students how they can take that beyond Google Earth or Google Maps and see what else is out there,” Bowe shared.

Eddie Ruff ‘12, a PhD candidate at the University of Dayton, came back to CJ on Tuesday, November 27 to talk with students about lidar (laser radar).

“I wanted to share a general overview of lidar and how that is built into self-driving cars,” Ruff explained.

Ruff received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UD in 2016. He has a Masters of Science in Electro-Optics & Photonics from the University of Dayton and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the same field.

Are you interested in becoming a CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series presenter? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM coordinator, at (937) 461-3740 x487, or at

Posted November 28, 2018

Spitzig Retires and New Men's Lacrosse Coach

After 15 years, men’s cross country head coach Ken Spitzig ‘75 is hanging up his laces. He shared in his own words what returning to CJ to coach has meant to him:

“I am a 1975 graduate of CJ. I have always been an ‘Eagle.’ Starting back in grade school at St. Adalbert located in Old North Dayton, I attended numerous Chaminade football and basketball games. I remember tearing up newspaper to use as confetti with a friend of mine to shower on the Chaminade football team as they ran onto the Baujan Stadium Field at UD. I also went to many of the regular season and tournament games for the 1970 basketball state championship team. I had made up my mind I was going to play basketball at Chaminade. I was approached in the fall of my freshman year at Chaminade by an upperclassman on the cross country team. He wanted to know if I had any interest in running cross country. I heard that word running and what I thought was across the country and my answer was a quick, ‘No.’ I had no clue what cross country was and was too embarrassed to ask. Little did I know what the future had in store for me. 

“I made the freshman basketball team but was cut the following year. Coach Jim Turvene, the head basketball coach, pointed me toward running track and Brother Bill Grundish, the distance team track and cross country coach got me involved in cross country. My first time running cross country was my junior year, the 1973 season. This was also the year Chaminade and Julienne merged forming CJ. By this merger, I became a member of CJ’s first men’s cross country team. After all these years, I still take a lot of pride in that distinction.

“I have been a cross country coach at CJ for the last 15 years. I was hired in the 2004-05 school year by Coach Jim Place who was our AD at the time. I remember him asking me during an interview why I wanted to coach. My reply was I felt I had a lot to give. Those are the words I have always tried to live by with coaching. My first seven years I was an assistant coach for both the men’s and women’s teams. My last eight years have been spent as the men’s head coach.

“For the special moments or highlights in my coaching career, I would have to begin with the fall of 2007. As an assistant to both men’s and women’s teams, our women that season became only the 3rd women’s team in the school ‘s history to advance in Division 1 competition to the regional. Out of eight years as the men’s head coach, four teams (2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018) advanced to the Division 2 regional. The 2018 team became only the 15th team in our school’s history to advance this far in tournament competition. I was a member of the first CJ team in 1974 that advanced this far. This year too was a ‘bumper crop’ of men’s cross country athletes  - 30 – the largest men’s cross country team in the school’s history. Probably the year that stands out the most is 2012 when our men advanced to the state meet becoming only the 7th team in the school’s history to accomplish this. The last team before that qualified in 1983.

“To sum up my years as a coach, it was truly a great run. There is so much pride and history in our program. I will always cherish the time I was a part of it. I can’t thank CJ enough for the chance to coach. It has truly been a great honor. I am very thankful for having been associated with some very good head coaches - Mick Mominee, Greg Mueller and Chuck Bridgman ‘79. Also, I can’t thank enough the support and help I received from my assistant coaches - Chris Ball, Nate Harrington ‘13, George Spitzig  ‘10 and Jack Dalton ‘17. My own kids, Kenny ‘02, Denny ‘03, Lisa ‘05, John and George ’10 and my wife, Jeanne ‘75, have been so supportive of me through the years. I owe them so much.

“As I close this chapter in my life, I am looking forward to the extra time I will be able to spend with my wife, my own kids and grandchildren (Lilia, Joey, Emme, Bella, Sean and the two that are coming in the New Year).

“As our team’s pre-race prayer goes, ‘I care not what is behind me, only what lies ahead. All my focus is on the finish line, as I race towards the prize that God has intended for me,’ are wise words to live by with whatever endeavors you take on in life.”

Director of Athletics Jeremy Greenleaf added, “Ken has been a great coach for this school and has done everything the CJ way. He will be greatly missed and hard to replace, he has been such a great role model for our young men.”

Welcome to CJ

Jason Dembiczak has accepted the position of men’s lacrosse head coach. Dembiczak played lacrosse for the University of Dayton and has been a coach with the Eagles Lacrosse Club for four years.

“I am excited about this opportunity to grow this game with the students and see their improvement,” Dembiczak said.

Greenleaf shared, “Jason will be a great asset to the Eagle community. He has a strong background in lacrosse and has coached a lot of our young men in the past. I am glad to welcome Jason to our nest."

Posted Friday, November 23

Students Meet Benefactors at Scholarship Breakfast

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, students who received special scholarships to support their education had the opportunity to say, “Thank you” to the benefactors who made it possible. This was part of the school’s annual scholarship breakfast, which was held on Friday, November 16.

For some students, this was their first time attending the breakfast and getting to learn about their benefactor.

“I connected to my scholarship donors on a personal level,” said Jessica Brunner ‘21. “I had a great time learning about their lives and telling them about mine.”

“Having breakfast with the benefactors was great,” shared Gabby Cambron ‘19. “We all had a lot to talk about and everyone was so friendly.”

Several students said that without their scholarship, they may not be able to attend CJ.

“This scholarship allows me to go to this great school, so I was excited to meet the benefactors and know who they are,” Shane Cokes ‘19 reflected.

Students also learned about the special connections the benefactors have to CJ, whether they graduated from the school or were connected in a different way.

“I was surprised to learn what led my benefactors to become Sisters through their time at CJ,” Brunner said. “They have had amazing life experiences and have a positive outlook on life. It made me happy because maybe one day I'll be like them.”

Learn more about the special scholarships CJ offers here.

Posted November 21, 2018

Sophomores Learn About Becoming Leaders

An annual tradition for CJ sophomores gave the students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their classmates. For half of a school day, the students participated in a leadership seminar led by Ted Wiese, a national speaker teaching people of every age about leadership and how to be a leader in their life.

Some students shared that while they were uncertain what the day would hold, once they sat down in groups they began having fun with activities such as Ted Says and a name game. Throughout the activities, Wiese focused on core values of leadership, and empowered students with the mantra, “I feel great.”

“I thought we would be writing stuff down and sitting all day, but it was a great experience,” Jeremiah Tanksley ‘21 said.

Kerry Kadel ‘21 agreed, “I loved it! I loved learning about leadership with activities that could actually get to know my classmates better and help me learn more about leadership.”

“Helping students to recognize that they each have unique gifts to contribute to the community is part of our efforts to provide a quality, integral education,” shared student support coordinator Jama Badinghaus. “Learning to lead is not simply about being captain of a team or president of a club. It is also helping students to build qualities that bring people together, seek to enhance the common good, and promote values that build assets no matter the paths they may individually choose in life.”

Written in collaboration with Kerry Kadel ‘21

Posted November 20, 2018

2018 Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

Social media has connected people all around the world like never before. Students of today have also never not known a world without social media, and many would say it’s a very important part of their lives. That’s one of the reasons behind CJ’s 2018 Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week campaign, “Social media CAN make a difference.”

“As the FLIGHT (Faith Leaders in God’s Hands Today) students brainstorm ideas for themes for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, they try to choose themes that would get their peers excited and motivate them to get involved,” explained Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. “They felt that teens could relate to social media because it is something many of them use on a regular basis. They also liked the idea of bringing awareness to the fact that social media can and should be used in a positive way, and this might encourage students to use it this way and to #ShowTheLoveCJ!”

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week is being held Monday, November 12 - Monday, November 19. First period classes throughout the school are divided into four groups with social media influenced names: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. The faculty and staff are representing Facebook.

As in years past, throughout the week, the CJ community is encouraged to contribute items throughout the week with the themes of Money Monday, Toiletry Tuesday, Warm Weather Wednesday, Fast Day Thursday, Food Friday, and Miscellaneous Monday. Monetary contributions will be given to Catholic Relief Services. Item contributions will be given to St. Vincent DePaul and The Food Bank.

Join students with a prayer suggested for this week:

Oh, God, when I have food,
Help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work, help me
To remember the jobless;
When I have a warm home,
Help me to remember the homeless;
When I am without pain,
Help me to remember those who suffer;
And remembering, help me
To destroy my complacency
And bestir my compassion.
Make me concerned enough to help, by word and deed,
Those who cry out
For what we take for granted. Amen.

Posted November 13, 2018

High School Placement Test & Scholarship Opportunities

Eighth grade students who enjoy language arts, ministry & service, performing arts, and STEMM are encouraged to showcase their passion for those areas as part of the CJ Class of 2023 scholarship opportunities.

“CJ provides $200,000 in scholarships for incoming freshmen focused on four areas that are important in our school - and we believe, important in the development of young people - language arts, ministry & service, performing arts, and science technology engineering math and medicine (STEMM),” said Brandon Meyer, director of admissions. “Eighth grade students who are passionate about attending CJ and excel in any of these distinctive areas are encouraged to apply.

“We do not assess scholarship awards based on the High School Placement Test. Academic Excellence comes in many forms; we are looking for students who share a passion for learning and making a difference in the world around them,” Meyer continued. “The variation of scholarship areas is intended to identify a diverse group of talented students that reflect the life and energy of the CJ community.”

To apply, students must fill out a scholarship application form. Finalists will be selected for an interview or to perform in front of a panel. To also qualify for a scholarship, prospective students must complete a shadow day and submit a school application form before December 1.

High School Placement Test - Saturday, Nov. 17

Students must also take the High School Placement Test, which they can do at CJ on Saturday, November 17. There will be a breakfast for parents that morning as well. If students were not pre-registered, they can still take the test at CJ with parents paying the $30 fee, cash only.

Parents are also encouraged to attend a CJ parent reception, being held all over the Miami Valley. Additional details about the receptions can be found here.

Posted November 6, 2018

CJ Performing Arts Presents: "A Murder is Announced"

Students within the CJ performing arts community are buzzing with excitement for the showing of their mysterious play, A Murder is Announced, which takes the stage November 16-18. The play is about a murder that hasn’t taken place yet, but invitations to it as a “party” have been sent. When the murder truly happens, it’s up to the guests to figure out the murderer!

Chiamaka Ejinaka ‘21 is a production assistant of the play.

“It looks exciting! I know the actors have been working hard to pull it together, and there are some really show stealing moments in the show that I know the audience will love. I'm pretty excited for everyone to see all the hard work that's been happening behind the scenes leading up to opening night.”

Chloe Proffitt ‘21 is one of the main characters in the production.

“I've been in performing arts for both years of my high school career so far and loved every second of it. I've been in everything from marching band to a cappella to the theatre. I have especially loved being in this year's fall play because it's such a fun and thrilling story — you can't help but get wrapped up in it.”

During the production’s intermission, there will be an “intermystery,” a puzzling enigma haunting the halls.

Show times are November 16 and 17 at 7 p.m., and November 18 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students.

Written in collaboration with Kerry Kadel ‘21

Posted November 12, 2018

2018 Fall Sports Recap

The 2018 fall sports season was exciting on the field, on the court, and on the green. Coaches shared their season highlights below:

Men’s Cross Country
“The men's cross country team had a very special, exciting and successful season,” said head coach Ken Spitzig. “The season began with a school record of 30 athletes who participated. Our overall combined varsity season record against Division 1, 2 and 3 competition was 113-74. Both our varsity and reserve teams finished 4th at GCL.

“At the Southwest District meet our varsity team placed 7th overall out of 27 schools represented in Division 2. Our finish qualified the team to the Troy Regional. By advancing to the Troy Regional we were one of the top 13 teams in our region and one of the top 64 teams in the state vying for a trip to the State Meet. Our team also became only the 15th men's cross country team in school history to advance this far in tournament competition.

“This was just an outstanding effort by our team and coaching staff,” Spitzig continued. “I am very appreciative of all the hard work and effort of all our 30 kids this season. The success and the experience our kids enjoyed this season will carry them into next year for another run at being one of the best in our region and state.

Post-Season Honors
Second Team All-GCL
Trey Myers


Women’s Cross Country
“The women’s cross country team was the GCL runner-up, their best finish at the league meet in four years,” said head coach Dan Eiser. “We also ran well at the district championship meet advancing the varsity team to the regional championships for the first time in six years. 

“The women’s cross country team had a tremendous season,” Eiser continued. “Despite some injuries concerns early on, the team recovered and really came on at the end of the season. We lost to GCL rivals Carroll, Alter and Fenwick for most of the season, but by week six, were comfortably in position to compete for our first GCL coed title. While we fell just short at the league meet, we placed second with a lot of personal bests that day in both the varsity and JV races. These good races continued at the district meet. We were projected to finish anywhere from 7th-11th place depending on who raced well and came in, had a strong day, and finished 7th qualifying the team back to the regional championships. I was a rookie teacher the last time they qualified! The girls performed well at regionals beating teams that had beaten them the week prior and finished 9th in the region. Next year we will return all five scorers from our varsity team, four of the top nine returners in the GCL and look to be the first CJ women's team to ever qualify as a team to the state championships. This year's team took us to regionals where we hadn't been in some time and left us ready for another step next year.”

Post-Season Honors
First Team All-GCL
Claire Weaver

Second Team All-GCL
Madison Meixner
Amber Peaslee


Record 7-4
“It was a tale of two seasons as after week five we had to shuffle the roster due to OHSAA transfer rules,” head coach Marcus Colvin said. “I was proud of our boys and their adjustment to this. We had a successful season and continue to build a tradition of success as we move forward. 2019 will be another fun run by the Eagles.”

Highlights for the season included the team defeating Greenville under the Thursday Night Lights, being named the WDTN Operation Football Team of the Week after the Eagles’ 5-0 start, and qualifying for the OHSAA Division 3 playoffs, which only eight out of 32 teams were able to do so.

“Another season highlight was quarterback Ryan Minor being surprised by his dad after the Greenville game, which was also on the Today Show,” Colvin said. You can watch that TV highlight here.

Post-Season Honors
GCL Co-Defensive Player of the Year
Shane Cokes

First Team All-GCL
Shane Cokes
Colin Downing
David Frederick
Dominic Wilcox

Second Team All-GCL
Noah Burneka
Quincy Johnson
Brendan Kadel
Artie Kramer
Ryan Minor
Jason Ward
De’Verell Williams
Matt Willis


Men’s & Women’s Golf 
Head coach Todd Shuttleworth led his second season of women’s golf and first season of men’s golf for the Eagles this season.

“The men’s team finished 6th in the league and the women’s team finished 5th,” Shuttleworth shared. “Andrew Bidwell and Andrew Detmer individually qualified for districts, while the team of Grace Strickland,  Lia-Sophie Keller, Agnes Guiselin, Adeline Campbell and Reiley Meserve qualified for districts.”

Men’s Golf Post-Season Honors
Second Team All-GCL & Team Co-MVPs
Andrew Bidwell
Andrew Detmer

Women’s Golf Post-Season Honors
Team MVP
Grace Strickland


Men’s Soccer 
Record 9-10

The team was led by new head coach Christian Alexander this season. The men’s team defeated Milton Union and Oakwood in the post-season and qualified for the district semi-finals.


Women’s Soccer
Record: 6-6-6
“The 2018 women’s soccer team took a giant step towards one of its strategic goals to compete for GCL league championships,” shared head coach Roy Craig. “The team had big wins versus Butler and Oakwood but the best result was a 1-0 win on the road at McNicholas.  The team also posted five shut-outs. The women’s soccer team continues to play a very strong schedule as evidenced by games versus four state ranked teams: Beavercreek (D I); Alter and Badin (D II); and Anna (D III).  

“In addition to the program having great athletes the players are excellent students (team GPA 3.8 weighted), most of the players are leaders at CJ in academics, service and faith positions,” Craig continued. “All the girls in the program, as a group, took part in three service projects during the season.”

Post-Season Honors
First Team All-GCL
Katie Baird
Beatrice Hawthorn

Second Team All-GCL
Jaydyn Haywood
Erin McGraw

First Team Dayton South
Beatrice Hawthorn

Second Team Dayton South
Jaydyn Haywood

Third Team Dayton South
Katie Baird
Megan Kramermardis


Women’s Tennis
Record 11-8
“The best win for the team was defeating Tipp City 3-2,” said head coach Jim Brooks. “We also won the eight-team Schroeder Invitational and finished second in the GCL. Lanie Sorg and Carly Fugett finished 4th at the sectional tournament in doubles and advanced to the district tournament. We have a young team with a bright future.”

Post-Season Honors
First Team All-GCL & Second Team All-Area
Patty Estrada-Sanchez (singles)
Lanie Sorg/Carly Fugett (doubles)


Women’s Volleyball 
Record: 9-15
“The women's volleyball team finished third overall in the GCL North and had a tough loss in the district semi-final of their post-season tournament,” said head coach Gretchen Wolfe. “The team had big wins this season including against Oakwood, Badin, and Carroll at home.”

Post-Season Honors:
First Team All-GCL
Emma Schaefer

Second Team All-GCL
Zoe Mason
Ayanna Williams

First Team All-District 15
Emma Schaefer

Second Team All-District 15
Ayanna Williams

Honorable Mention All-District 15
McKenzie Reid
Sami Zajac

District 15 Scholar-Athlete
Lindsey Fuchs
Emma Schaefer