1930 Julienne Graduates Reunited

It was a reunion dozens of years in the making.

“Mary Margaret, Mary Margaret!” Wilhelmina Dix said in excitement as she reunited with classmate Mary Margaret Toohey on Tuesday, November 10. “I would recognize you from anywhere!”

The pair are the last known living graduates of the Julienne Class of 1930. Mary Margaret, who lives at the St. Leonard Living Community, recently told her daughter-in-law, Audrey Toohey, that she was hoping to reconnect with Dix.  

“I knew Annette Casella, who is a relative of Willie’s,” Audrey said. “We made the arrangements and here we all are today!”

The reunion doubly served as a birthday celebration for Wilhelmina, who will turn 104 on Friday, November 13.

“God is good,” Wilhelmina emphasized.

Both Mary Margaret and Wilhelmina’s families have had generations of relatives pass through the doors of Chaminade, Julienne, and CJ. Wilhelmina’s great-great-niece, Logan Dix ’17, also came to the celebration on Tuesday.

“It was unbelievable to see Willie and Mary Margaret,” Logan said. “To see someone this long after high school, is unimaginable.”

Annette, who is a 1960 graduate of Julienne, agreed with Logan.

“I don’t know how else to express it other than incredible,” Annette said. “The family connection is strong.”

After enjoying birthday cake, the classmates continued to share fond memories of their time together at Julienne. When asked about what their secret to longevity was, both women agreed on the same answer.

“Be happy.”

You can view more photos from the reunion here.