2018 Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

Social media has connected people all around the world like never before. Students of today have also never not known a world without social media, and many would say it’s a very important part of their lives. That’s one of the reasons behind CJ’s 2018 Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week campaign, “Social media CAN make a difference.”

“As the FLIGHT (Faith Leaders in God’s Hands Today) students brainstorm ideas for themes for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, they try to choose themes that would get their peers excited and motivate them to get involved,” explained Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. “They felt that teens could relate to social media because it is something many of them use on a regular basis. They also liked the idea of bringing awareness to the fact that social media can and should be used in a positive way, and this might encourage students to use it this way and to #ShowTheLoveCJ!”

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week is being held Monday, November 12 - Monday, November 19. First period classes throughout the school are divided into four groups with social media influenced names: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. The faculty and staff are representing Facebook.

As in years past, throughout the week, the CJ community is encouraged to contribute items throughout the week with the themes of Money Monday, Toiletry Tuesday, Warm Weather Wednesday, Fast Day Thursday, Food Friday, and Miscellaneous Monday. Monetary contributions will be given to Catholic Relief Services. Item contributions will be given to St. Vincent DePaul and The Food Bank.

Join students with a prayer suggested for this week:

Oh, God, when I have food,
Help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work, help me
To remember the jobless;
When I have a warm home,
Help me to remember the homeless;
When I am without pain,
Help me to remember those who suffer;
And remembering, help me
To destroy my complacency
And bestir my compassion.
Make me concerned enough to help, by word and deed,
Those who cry out
For what we take for granted. Amen.

Posted November 13, 2018