3DP Road Show Stops at CJ

Experiencing state-of-the-art, large-format 3D printing technology firsthand and engaging with industry experts all without leaving campus – more than 100 Chaminade Julienne students got to do just that. The 3D Platform Road Show made a visit to CJ on August 30 so students could check out the 3DP Workbench in person.

“These are the kids who need to be seeing this,” 3DP technician Donald McFarlane said. “They are going to need to know how to use this technology.”

The visit was made possible by graduate Ben Staub ’84, the owner and president of BasTech, an industry leader in additive manufacturing – 3D printing. BasTech hosted the CJ event.

“They hadn’t even invented 3D printers when I was in school,” Staub said with a smile. “But I always had an interest in the engineering side, even when I was here.”

The 3DP Road Show is traveling coast to coast, demonstrating the flagship 3DP Workbench – a large-format printer that can produce a 3-foot-square product. When Staub made a phone call to CJ STEMM Coordinator Meg Draeger about making a visit to CJ with the Workbench, there was no hesitation.

“This is an opportunity for our students to see the equipment and experience the technology that is actually used in the industry,” Draeger said. “We can bring the inside outside for teaching and learning.”

While students from the Engineering Design and Development class engaged with McFarlane early in the day, the experience wasn’t limited to science classes. Students in homeroom were also able to check out the unique capabilities of the industrial strength, large-format 3D printer. From a chair, to a gas tank, to a sword and, even, eagle paper clips – the product range was extensive.
Junior Blake Wogoman had only ever seen this technology demonstrated online until her Algebra II class visited the 3DP Road Show.

“I think it’s amazing,” she said. “I’m interested in going into the medical field and I know there are also many applications there.”