7 CJ Students Chosen For Program

CJ STEMM courses not only educate students in science, technology, engineering, math and medical fields, but also prepares them to use their education in work-related situations.

Recently, seven students were accepted to participate in the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program this summer. Organizers of this prestigious program only choose a small group of students to participate in the program each year.

"CJ STEMM's collegiate style experimentation has prepared our students to succeed in prestigious programs like the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program," said teacher Amanda Ooten.

The internship gives juniors and seniors the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with current scientists and engineers in the Air Force Research Laboratory. The nine-week program brings in some of the top scientists and engineers in their fields to share their expertise with students.

Those chosen for the program this year from CJ are:

  • Adam Pendergrass '15 and Helen Wittman '15, who will be working with Sensors Directorate,
  • Allison Huffman '16 and William Huffman '16, who will be working with the 711th Human Performance Wing,
  • Alex Jennison, '16 and Ian Simon '16, who will be working with the GRILL at TecEdge,
  • LiNan McSherry, '15 who will be working with Materials.

McSherry was selected to participate in the Wright Scholar Program for a second year in a row.

"CJ's STEMM program exposes our students to cutting edge engineering and biomedical techniques," said Ooten about the preparation CJ students receive for internships like the Wright Scholar Research Assistant Program. "Our students not only learn how to use these scientific tools, but they are actually using them to investigate answers to their self-proposed questions."

"Because our students have the opportunity to be exposed to different lab techniques in our high school classrooms, many doors are opened for them in college and beyond," said teacher Amy O'Loughlin about experiences like this for CJ students. "Former students have been offered lab assistant positions as freshman and sophomores because of their lab knowledge. The opportunities and success stories have been amazing to hear about."