Alumni Connect Through Local Internship

Many CJ alumni continue to work and study in the Dayton area after graduation. That includes Matt Weckesser ‘16 who is not only earning his college degree at the University of Dayton, but recently completed an internship along a fellow Eagle.

“My summer internship at Cintas gave me hands-on experience in the accounting world,” Weckesser said.. “Learning by example has been a key component in allowing me to understand the business and an accountant’s role within the company. Working in a professional environment has helped develop both these technical and interpersonal skills that I will need as I graduate college.”

While interning at Cintas, Weckesser worked alongside Brian Bensman '92, the Senior Director of Transportation, Fleet, and Regulatory Compliance for Cintas.

Weckesser shared that his education at CJ helped prepare him for his future not only at UD, but his future career.

“CJ prepared me for where I am today by giving me opportunities to grow in the classroom, on the basketball and soccer teams, and within school clubs,” shared Weckesser. “I was also blessed to be around motivated classmates and teachers pushing me to do my best. Meeting Brian allowed me to connect with a fellow CJ graduate and share our commonalities. He works in a different department and meeting with him has enabled me to better understand other units and how they fit into the business as a whole.

“I would advise high school students to try some of the unique classes that CJ has to offer,” Weckesser continued. “I took an accounting class with Mr. MacLeod which sparked my interest in the subject. From there, I shadowed local professionals and talked to colleges about their programs to find the right fit. Leadership roles are a large part of a resume and can be the difference in getting into a college or getting a job. Participating in extracurricular activities and becoming leaders within those groups has helped me tremendously.”

Posted August 22, 2019