Announcement of John Q. Sherman Field at Roger Glass Stadium

Roger Glass '60 never anticipated the rolling effect his namesake stadium would have.

“All I knew is the kids needed a stadium and that was my focus,” Glass said. “I never had any idea it would have this effect on the community or that it would start snowballing the way it has.”

The stadium was just the beginning as Chaminade Julienne dedicated the John Q. Sherman Field at Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the Chaminade Julienne Eagles on Saturday, May 6.

John Q. Sherman II '72, the grandson of John Q. Sherman, and the Sherman-Standard Register Foundation committed $500,000 over 10 years as a tribute to the family patriarch and innovative founder of Standard Register.

“My grandfather was a great and kind community leader,” Sherman said. “I want him to be remembered for his charitable spirit.” 

This charitable spirit was evident when Sherman joined with other community leaders to rebuild Dayton after the 1913 flood and, soon after, lead the effort to fund the building of Good Samaritan Hospital.  By the mid-1920’s, Sherman and a group of local leaders recognized that health care services were key to the growth and revitalization of the city.  Sherman was one of those who approached the Sisters of Charity about their interest in operating a hospital on Dayton’s northwest side and agreed to raise $1 million dollars to build the facility on Salem Avenue. Beyond his support of Good Samaritan, Sherman was also instrumental in recruiting new industries to the Dayton area from across the country.

CJ continues to thrive with the same spirit of innovation and revitalization that is reflected in the history of John Q. Sherman’s contributions to the Dayton community. 

“This partnership helps tell the story of John Q. Sherman and inspire a new generation of Daytonian innovators and philanthropists,” said Dan Meixner '84, Chaminade Julienne’s president. “It also highlights how exciting it is when great institutions in the community work together and how collaboration among leaders and institutions can make good things happen.”

The Sherman family’s connection to Chaminade Julienne goes back several generations. A total of 18 family members are graduates of CJ or one of its predecessor schools going back the class of 1937 at Chaminade and the class of 1938 at Julienne.

While the gift is a celebration of tradition, the future is also one of excitement at Chaminade Julienne as the school continues to grow and innovate.  In recent years, more and more families have decided that CJ is the best choice for their family and, this fall, teachers and staff members will welcome the largest freshman class in 10 years.

“In a way, the past few years have been a renewal for CJ and for this part of Downtown Dayton,” Glass said. “The time was right.”

Posted May 6, 2017