Annual Scholarship Breakfast Held

Thank you.

Those two words were said hundreds of times by students on Friday, November 20 as they met with scholarship sponsors. 

The annual scholarship breakfast was an opportunity for sponsors to meet the student recipients of their scholarship. 

"The students realize that they are actually people who have given their money, and the scholarship is not just a form," explained  Ann Szabo '72, who organizes the breakfast each year. "We couldn't even include all the students because there are so many generous gifts given each year."

Jackie (Kuhn) Lawless '57 and Tess (Kuhn) Biersack '67 were just two of dozens of sponsors who attended the scholarship breakfast.

"We found that CJ gave us a very welcoming invitation and we thought this would be fun," Lawless said.

Lawless and Biersack's scholarship, the Mary Kuhn Preotle Scholarship Fund, is in honor of their mother. Taja Ford '18 was the recipient of that scholarship this school year.

"I think it's cool to meet the donors," Ford shared. "It makes getting the scholarship so much better."

Biersack agreed, "It's nice to meet the student who is getting the scholarship. Taja really seems to be enjoying school."

Janet and Don Grieshop '59 met with three students who received their scholarship, the Mary Kathryn and Ernest L. "Hap" Grieshop Fund, which is named after Don's parents.

"I think it's great because they need to know who we are and why we're doing this," Janet explained.

"I feel grateful because they don't have to do it, they want to, which is really nice," said scholarship recipient Kelsey Jones '16.

Brakyla Byrd-Herron '18 agreed, "I feel blessed that there are people like them in the world."

"It makes me feel like I have a lot of support in the community," Marco Espino '16 affirmed.

When speaking to the group of donors and students, Dan Meixner '84, president, said, "This has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate some of the key hallmarks of what makes Chaminade Julienne special."

"Our students are aware of the legacies and traditions of CJ, but maybe not always as aware of the scholarships," Szabo reflected. "Now, the students are much more aware of their financing for school and the fact that they're receiving scholarships for tuition. This is hopefully something they might strive to continue."

Posted November 20, 2015