Band to Play at Basketball Games

The Eagle Pride marching band can usually be found on the football field. This winter, however, several members will also support basketball teams with a new Basketball Pep Band.

“When I found out there hadn't been a pep band for some time, I figured there was no reason not to,” Eagle Pride and Pep Band Director Luke Grieshop enthusiastically shared. “Students, especially Eagle Pride members, expressed interest and they certainly should have this opportunity to continue to perform as an athletic band. With football season ending and basketball season starting, this changing of gears from marching band to pep band seemed very natural.”

The band currently has nearly 20 members, and will play traditional Eagle Pride songs in addition to new ones.

“Most of the songs fans will hear will be tunes that were not performed at football games,” Grieshop said. “While it would be easy to transfer the songs from Eagle Pride over, students (and myself) find it more interesting to dive into new songs - hopefully the fans find the new songs refreshing as well! We will be playing song arrangements for artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Van Halen, Lady Gaga, and many more!”

The Basketball Pep Band is planning to perform at a few CJ men’s and women’s varsity home games this season including:

  • Friday, January 12 (men vs. Carroll)
  • Saturday, January 27 (women vs. McNicholas)
  • Friday, February 2 (men vs. Alter, Hall of Fame game)

“With this being my first year as an athletic band director, as well as the first year these students have seen a basketball pep band, I hope to establish how the pep band works within the basketball game context,” Grieshop said. “This includes collaboration and interactions with the student section, cheerleaders, the team, and fans. I hope to see what I often saw during the football season - all of these separate groups raising the energy of the game as a unified community. Along with this experience of collaboration, I hope students in the Pep Band take away other lessons such as musical growth, time organization, and lastly, fun with their peers.”

In addition to the Eagles games, the Pep Band will perform with the University of Dayton’s Flyer Pep Band on Saturday, January 6 and Wednesday, January 10.

Additional Ensembles
The school’s newly formed Jazz Orchestra plans to begin rehearsals soon. Upcoming performances by these ensembles, in addition to all CJ ensembles, will be communicated on the homepage of

Posted January 5, 2018