#becauseofCJ: Aaron Perkins '10

Young alumni are sharing how they are succeeding after high school in our #becauseofCJ series. Through your gift to the CJ Annual Fund, you make this happen. Read Aaron's story below, and consider joining others today in supporting the mission of CJ.

It’s been almost 10 years since I walked the halls of Chaminade Julienne, going from class to class, meeting new people, and learning so much. When I look back over what I have accomplished in my life thus far, I am forever grateful for the time I spent at CJ, for CJ has helped to shape the very foundation on which I have built my life’s successes.

My educational journey at CJ began my freshman year with the goal of learning but also having fun. I was always an outgoing person, so meeting new friends was easy. I wanted to play soccer, do what was necessary to pass my classes, and hang with my friends. By the end of sophomore year, I learned that I had to be more attentive and focused. I had two more years until life after CJ and I would be thrust into the real world. I had established goals and wanted a successful career.

The encouragement and support I received from the teachers and staff at CJ helped me gain the momentum I needed to push forward. The four years I played soccer at CJ helped to shape my character, build my strength and courage as well as teach me teamwork and what it took to be a leader. The teachers and staff knew the students from the time they entered the school until the end of their four years at CJ. It created a caring and family-like environment.

When I completed my education at CJ, I went on to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Wright State University and obtained my job as a Federal Probation Officer for the Eastern District of Michigan while pushing forward toward other career goals. For me, Chaminade Julienne accomplished its mission to educate the whole person, work for justice, and develop a family spirit.

Thank you CJ for shaping the lives of young people like me and for being what you truly are, “a Leader for Excellence in Catholic Education.”


Published June 14, 2020