#becauseofCJ: Reflection from Josie '18

It’s a joy to hear from young alumni as they share how their high school education put them on a positive path after they left the halls of CJ. Through your gifts to the Annual Fund, you make this happen.

Read Josie’s story and make your gift to this year’s Annual Fund before Sunday, June 30. When you do, more Eagles can soar!

Dear CJ community,

You have given me so many reasons to smile! As I complete my freshman year at Xavier University, I can tell you that I’m a better person because I got to be a CJ Eagle for four years!  Because of your past gifts to the CJ Annual Fund, you’ve set me on a path of success. Thank you! Here’s a few ways you’ve impacted my life:

  • You prepared me for college. Your support gave me great teachers like Mr. Brooks, Ms. Ketch, Mrs. Marshall, and Mrs. Bardine who prepared me as a writer. I am constantly surprised by the number of people in my college courses who don’t know how to write a paper in the proper format. Because of my excellent high school education, I’ve helped many students with their papers! Just a couple weeks ago, I was sitting in my biology class and I could recall the exact moment I learned the same thing freshman year of high school. This is just a start―there are dozens more examples of how your support prepared me for college.
  • You gave me a premier education. The College Credit Plus at CJ gave me twelve college credit hours. Because of Señora Regan and Mrs. Bardine, I’m ahead of the curve in my Spanish and English classes from most first year students at Xavier. Now I have room in my schedule to add multiple minors, endorsements, or start my Master’s early!
  • You formed my spiritual life…BIG TIME. Retreats gave me time for self- discovery as a participant and a leader. CJ opened my eyes to global and local issues while inspiring me to do something. You’d be proud to know that the Marianists and Sisters are still role models for all of us today. My new passion is helping freshmen adjust to college life. I think the transition can be tough for some and I want to use my experiences to give other gals a head start on what college might be like.
  • You’ve continued a family tradition. The Catholic family spirit really drew my own family to this school. Our CJ roots trace back to 1939 as my grandparents, dad, uncle and aunts were all a part of this community. Because of my positive experiences at CJ, both of my brothers will be CJ alumni, too! I see CJ working its magic in my brother, Jake, who is a junior and my youngest brother, Jimmy, is extremely excited to be a freshman next fall. 

Your help is needed today to continue this CJ experience. With a gift to the Annual Fund, you prepare nearly 700 students for success after high school!  Your gift equals success as CJ is rated as the top school in the Dayton area for college sophomore persistence― students who are enrolled in the same college and program for a second year. For some students, this means a two-year associate’s degree, the military or trade school.

For me, it means that you are fulfilling my dream to become a teacher. Even more, you have united me in mission with so many mentors, CJ teachers and staff who have demonstrated how to bring out the best in students. I look forward to bringing that same compassion to lead young people one day. This dream started at CJ.

Thank you for making such an impact on my life and believing in me. My story wouldn’t be the same without you!

With gratitude, a joyful heart and Eagle pride,

Josie Schlangen, CJ Class of 2018

Posted May 14, 2019