Biology Students Present Research Topic

Cryonics, stem cells, rising rates of childhood obesity and cosmetic testing on animals were just a few of the topics biology students focused on for a Position Poster Symposium.

Honors and AP Biology students were recently given the assignment to look into issues that have varying opinions, and to explore all sides of the subject, which included the Catholic perspective. Along with the research, students created an informational poster board and gave a presentation in front of students from other science classes.

"Creating a poster was very important, but students also had to write a research paper and bibliography to get them familiar with that process," said teacher Amanda Ooten.

Many of the students in Ooten's classes were juniors who were already thinking about a topic they would explore for their Senior Capstone Project. Ooten said part of her goal with her assignment was to help students generate potential ideas for that project. Lauren Peltier '16 and Manisha Kullar '16 said their topic of the social construction of race is something they were interested in pursuing as a potential Capstone Project their senior year.

"We started learning a lot about racism in our religion class," said Peltier. "We both really like genetics, that aspect in biology, and its role in religion too."

"We do more than textbook work and memorization," Ooten said about her objective of the assignment. "This is a great way for each student to get educated on a topic and to look into their own beliefs about the subject."