Building 3 Renovations Complete and Lift Off for "What’s Next?"

Renovations to CJ’s Building 3 — the three-floor area connected to Marianist Hall along Franklin Street — will be complete by Monday, December 4. Renovations to the 18 classroom building were announced at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Improvements including new heating and cooling systems, new electrical and plumbing systems, ceilings and flooring were part of this project.

While the third floor of Building 3 was opened at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, the nine total classrooms on the first and second floors will now be available for use.

“I’m super excited because we can get settled in quickly,” shared teacher Angela Ruffolo, who will be in one of the new renovated rooms. “I also love Christmas so I’ll be able to decorate my room for Christmas. To also get back in a regular flow of things will bring normalcy to the building.”

The completion of Building 3 was ahead of schedule, which was welcomed news to students.

“The completion of Building 3 is tremendous because we get to now use those classrooms,” said Jake Jagels ‘18. “It’s nice that we’ll have a new, renovated room.”

So what’s next for CJ?

Beginning this week, construction will start on an elevator to connect the school’s first and second floors in Building 1 near the cafeteria and gymnasium. The elevator will be located next to the entryway at the corner of Franklin and South Ludlow Streets. This project is made possible in thanks to the generosity of several benefactors who have been working with the school’s development team.

“Our community has long wanted to make our second floor that contains our gym and our auditorium - the locations for countless basketball and volleyball games, concerts and musicals - accessible for all members of the school community, even those with mobility challenges,” said Dan Meixner ‘84, president. This elevator makes these public spaces accessible, and gives students recovering from injuries easier access to their classrooms upstairs. CJ is recognized as a place of welcome - and this elevator allows us to bring even greater life to our mission.”

In addition to giving easier access to the second floor to guests of CJ with limited mobility, students were excited about the opportunities the elevator will provide for during the school day.

“We won’t have to switch classrooms for those who are injured and I’m excited for those who get to use it,” shared Sally Shephard ‘18.

J’Lanaye Simon ‘19 agreed, “It’s going to help kids who are injured and I’m excited we will have an elevator now.”

Access to the school’s stairwell near the elevator and the doors to Ludlow Street will be inaccessible during the construction. The elevator project is expected to be complete in the spring 2018, with hopes to be finished by the school’s spring musical production, Once on This Island, March 16-17.

Posted November 29, 2017