Building One Progress Report

After several rain delays, the weather finally cooperated on Wednesday for construction crews to place the new air conditioning unit onto the roof of Building One.

"This is a big step forward of progress in this renovation project," said CJ President Dan Meixner '84. "Being able to create a more conducive learning environment for our teachers and our students is really exciting."

The air conditioning unit was delivered to CJ in seven pieces and each piece had to be lifted onto the roof by a crane. The largest piece of the unit weighed 7,000 pounds.

Students who were at the school on Wednesday were excited about the advancement of the Building One construction.

"Having air conditioning on the third floor will make it be easier to focus in class and overall, it will be more comfortable," said Katarina Dranchak '16.

The addition of air conditioning to Building One was one of the many renovations happening in the building thanks to LIFT. Crews began work on the third floor of Building One during Spring Break and began working on the first and second floor as soon as school was let out for summer break.  To date, crews have finished most renovations to the third floor, have added HVAC piping into the gymnasium, and have made significant renovations to the cafeteria.

"It's one thing to add paint and nice finishes," said Meixner about the renovations. "It's another thing to create an environment where learning can occur year round. What Wednesday represented was a big step forward in that goal."