C-SPAN Bus Makes a Stop at CJ

Students coming in and out of a bus on a school day is usually uneventful. But on Friday, March 18, nearly 100 students went inside the C-SPAN interactive multimedia presentation center bus when it made a stop at CJ.

"We go to different middle schools, high school and universities and talk about C-SPAN and all of our non-partisan resources," shared Vanessa Torres, a marketing representative with C-SPAN. 

The C-SPAN bus has been on tours across the United States since 1993. The network reached out to CJ about the opportunity to stop at the school after a recommendation from a Daytonian.

"I'm glad they came to our school and it was really interesting to see it," noted Noah Jackson '19.

On the bus, Torres talked to the students about C-SPAN's mission and highlighted features on the bus including informative touch-screen TVs and a mini-control room that is used if there is a live TV broadcast from the bus.

"A lot of these students are learning about civics and U.S. government," Torres reflected. "For us, we want them to know they have a network to turn to when they're interested in learning more about politics."

CJ Principal John Marshall '86 added, "I think this gives our students a good first hand look at how the news is processed and as the consumers of it, how we can form our decisions. It's always helpful to have discerning decision makers, especially as we, and our future voters, grow."

Dayton-area leaders, including State Representatives Niraj Antani, Steve Huffman and Fred Strahorn and Dayton City Commissioner Dan Foley '83 also stopped by CJ on Friday to see the C-SPAN bus.

"I think this was a great opportunity to show the political process and how students can get informed," said Huffman.

Emma Eichenauer '16 and Stephen Hoendorf '16 both enjoyed the experience to learn more about C-SPAN and the network's bus.

"I thought it was pretty cool to go inside and see everything they're about," Hoendorf shared. "It's also cool that they're unbiased."

Eichenauer agreed, "I thought it was fun to see the touch-screens and see what they offer." 

The C-SPAN bus had been in Ohio all week for the state's primary and was traveling to Cincinnati after the visit to CJ.

"All of the students were engaging so this has been an awesome school to visit," Torres remarked.

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