Capstone Brings Awareness to Mental Health

Seniors NyJia Lott, Laura Neff and Ayreon Wilkinson have each seen someone struggle with depression and the toll it can take on a family. That's why for the trio's Capstone Project, they wanted to share the signs of the disorder and remove some of the stigma associated with it.

"We made a power point presentation to show to all the homerooms," shared Neff. "In the power point, we explained depression, its symptoms, causes, and the different methods of treatment."

"Many young adults struggle with depression, and if we can lessen the stigma associated with it and make it something people talk about more, we may be able to help those who are struggling and make a difference," added the capstone group's mentor AJ Grimm. "To let those who are struggling know they are not alone is important. And also, if we can teach others what signs to look for in order to reach out to a friend in need, that could make a world of difference as well."

The group said they felt it was important to give their presentation to their classmates and share how there are many forms of depression.

"We outlined different methods of treatment and the symptoms so that students will be able to recognize depression in their peers and offer help and so that students who are currently struggling with depression have more knowledge on the available treatments and resources for them to reach out to for help," Neff explained.

"The group decided on their own to do a pre-test and post-test to see what students learned from their presentation," Grimm noted. "I thought this was a great idea and a good tool to use to measure the effectiveness of their presentation. This should provide some quality information for their presentation at the Sr. Stang Symposium as well."

All Senior Capstone groups will be presenting their projects during the Sr. Stang Symposium on Thursday, April 14 at CJ.