Capstone Collects Items for Kitten Care Kits

A senior capstone group passionate about helping animals took their mission to the lacrosse field earlier this month. The group consisting of Dallas Jones, Megan Schultz and Tim Sprowl held a collection to make Kitten Care Kits benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Dayton on Saturday, April 21.

“I have always been passionate about animals,” Schultz said. “In fact I have adopted two dogs from SISCA and intend to adopt more when I become an adult.”  

“I have grown up surrounded by rescue animals so I wanted to participate in a project where I was going to be making an even greater impact on the homeless animal population in the Miami Valley,” Sprowl noted.

Group members were collecting bottles of original Dawn dish soap, small bags of non-clumping litter, small washcloths, aluminum roaster oven pans, any brand of kitten formula, and wet or dry food for the kitten care kits.

“The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is seeing an increase in community kittens being born this year over years past,” Sprowl noted. “At this time the increase in unquantifiable but substantial. This year is better than any in the past to start creating these kits. Caring for kittens can be very expensive and volunteers are caring for these animals because they want to. These kits allow them to provide the best care possible for the kittens while also making the process more easy and streamlined.”

The Capstone members said they are continuing to collect contributions through mid-May.

Posted April 30, 2018