Capstone Encourages Students To Respect Themselves and Others

Students in middle school may find it hard to define, "Who am I?" Seniors Kenya Compton Harris, Orfa Hernandez, Lionel Nsilulu and Dominic Petry made it their goal to help students answer that question and learn about respecting themselves and others as part of their Senior Capstone Project.

"The overall goal of our capstone was to teach young teens to love themselves for who they are," Hernandez explained.

The group went to two local elementary schools, Mother Brunner and St. Albert the Great, and talked with students in 7th and 8th grade. During their presentation, Compton Harris and Hernandez talked with female students while Nsilulu and Petry talked with male students.

"I feel that with this split occurring we got a closer connection to both genders, therefore having more of an impact with our speeches," Petry shared. "With bringing the boys and girls into separate rooms, we were able to talk to them on a personal level."

The group said by honing in on specific subjects related to each gender, their project had more significance to the younger students. After their presentations, the group gave all students small gifts including a CJ water bottle.

When reflecting on the project, Petry said, "I hope that the students learned to respect others. Each life is valuable and we need to give everyone the respect that they deserve."

Hernandez agreed, "I hope they learned from our capstone that they don't forget how beautifully and talented they are made. Every day they should remember their worth."

Posted March 14, 2016