Capstone Focuses on Importance of Exercise

Prior to the 2019-2020 school year, we reflect on some of the great achievements the Class of 2019 accomplished with their Senior Capstone Projects.

The Senior Capstone group of Kyle Benoit, Hunter Johns, Andrew Sipos and Raymond Thies focused on talking with middle grade students about the importance of physical activity over technology.

“I felt inspired to do this project because technology is becoming something that people depend on,” said Thies. “I wanted to be able to show the youth that activity is still very important.”

For their project, the group spoke with 6th and 7th grade students at Our Lady of the Rosary and presented information about the importance of physical activity and risks if there is none. The seniors also played active games with the students to show them that physical activity can be done in a fun way.

“Our project was insightful and greatly impacted the children we helped,” shared Sipos. “It made me feel that I was giving back to my community in a great way as I got to teach the youth around me how to lead more healthy lives.”

Johns agreed, “After the project, I felt like I really made a difference. The kids enjoyed our presentation and enjoyed getting to play around with us. It was very rewarding to receive the results from the fitness tests, from before we presented to after, and see so many advancements and progressions with the children and their health journey. I had so much fun creating relationships with the children and seeing their health progress while using technology responsibly.”

Posted July 17, 2019