Capstone Group Promotes Bee Preservation

There was a buzz around a Senior Capstone Project as Madeline Denman, Elizabeth Ernst, Eric Peters, Emsley Spees and Elizabeth Weiler shared with students what they discovered during their project, focused on bee preservation.

“We chose ‘Save the Bees’ as our capstone topic because we want to promote awareness of a rapidly dying species that is vital to our ecosystems and food chain,” Ernst said. “Environmental issues, such as the bee decline, do not receive as much attention as they should. In our world today, the media constantly highlights stories involving gun violence, immigration, etc. While those issues are still very important, we need to keep in mind that the environment deserves recognition, too. The bee decline, along with other environmental issues, are situations that directly affect us.”

For their project, the group shared facts and additional details about why the bee population is crucial.

“I learned that bees make a majority of our clothes because they pollinate cotton,” Weiler shared.

Peters added, “I had no idea how much fruit they pollinate, but we have an entire slide showing all the fruit they help produce.”

In addition to educating students about bees, the group had snacks that are affected by bees including strawberries, grapes, and of course, honey, and students saw the film, The Bee Movie.

The group said they were happy with the impact they made, and know the CJ community can continue help the bee population.

“It would be great to have a bee garden on campus,” Spees said. “We weren’t able to do that this year and that’s something we’ve been trying to do for awhile.”

Ernst reflected, “We hope that this project influences students to recognize the importance of bees, especially because bees pollinate many of the foods that we eat.”

Posted March 29, 2018