Capstone Promotes Human Trafficking Awareness

On most days at Chaminade Julienne, many students will wear the color blue, as it is one of the uniform colors. But on January 11, a majority of the student body, faculty and staff purposely wore that color to stand in solidarity with the Senior Capstone Group promoting National Human Trafficking Awareness day.

“Sex trafficking is so underrated and people are not aware enough,” group members Christopher Buchanan, Ja’lyn Isreal, Kyerra Copsy, Micaela Colbert and Raejean Gray said. “The fact that I-75 and I-80 are connected in Toledo is a huge issue. It allows for sex trafficking to take place so close to home. We decided to do our project on sex trafficking to raise awareness throughout our school and home community.”

In addition to encouraging everyone to wear blue on January 11, the Capstone group passed out blue ribbons before school and made locker signs to promote human trafficking awareness.

“We wanted to do something simple to get the students involved,” group members said. “We got the idea of blue ribbons as a spin off of a previous Capstone group. We made a little more than 100 ribbons; all were passed out and several more were requested. The locker signs were used as another way for us to spread awareness and inform people with quick facts on human trafficking. Everybody supported us and became more interested in learning more about the topic.”

In addition to the National Human Trafficking Awareness day, the group is planning on bringing a speaker in for a school-wide assembly and host an awareness event on sex trafficking.

“We are in the process of seeing if we can host a SOAP label event at CJ in March,” group members continued. “By hosting this event, it will educate Dayton and the CJ community about sex trafficking. Labeling soap is an easy and effective way to reach victims.

“The goal of the project is to spread awareness about a huge problem in society that isn’t talked about enough. Sex trafficking is a problem that needs a solution ASAP. If we could make a dent into a billion dollar illegal business, that would be great. Spreading knowledge about this horrible thing could save a life just by someone noticing the signs of someone being trafficked. Even if we only got one student to learn something important than this would be worth all of the work. The ultimate goal would be saving a life.”

Posted January 19, 2018