Celebrating 20 Years of Cuvilly

For 20 years, Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School has offered a program providing direct support to students with varying levels of needs and a specific focus on the whole person, academics, social and post secondary experiences.

The Cuvilly program, named in honor of the birthplace of St. Julie Billiart, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, is the only in-depth special education program in Catholic high schools in the Dayton area.

“We serve students who range from low-functioning to high-functioning and everything in-between,” director of Cuvilly, Judi MacLeod ‘88, said. “Students in Cuvilly take all types of courses — general through AP, and are involved in sports, ministry & service, and clubs just like all other CJ students. You really can not tell a difference from a Cuvilly and Non-Cuvilly student.”

On Friday, October 11, current students, alumni of Cuvilly and their families will celebrate the anniversary of Cuvilly prior to the home football game. The following day, the group will attend Mass at Emmanuel Catholic Church and then enjoy dinner in the CJ cafeteria.

Throughout all 20 years, MacLeod has led the program and more recently, has been assisted with intervention specialists. John Gutendorf ‘00 and Gretchen Wolfe have been with MacLeod for the last few years.

“These 20 years have flown by,” MacLeod said. “It’s great to see so many of my students grow up to be productive citizens of our community makes me so proud of all of them.”

Posted October 10, 2019