Chaminade Julienne Announces Leadership Transitions

“Taking thoughtful approaches to how we are meeting the needs of our mission today, and also anticipating how we sustain and grow, is something we are positioned for in this significant transition.”

The transition that CJ president Dan Meixner ‘84 shared recently with the CJ community involved upcoming changes with school leadership.

Director of Development Jim Walworth will retire later this fall. After a dedicated search, Meixner announced that current CJ principal, John Marshall ‘86, would be the next director of development.

“John has been principal for 14 years and as a member of the school leadership team has worked alongside me and Jim,” Meixner said. “He has been an active part of planning and understanding the strategies of development, even while he's been the principal day-to-day. John brings the intangibles, the experience, the reputation of our community and the ability to tell our story that we think, coupled with the other members of the development team, will continue to be very successful in what we want to accomplish.

“We believe that John is ready to take on the leadership of the development team, continue the momentum, and develop the additional skills that he's going to need to have long term success in this role.”

Continuing to find successful leaders in the CJ community, school leadership, along with board members, approved current assistant principal Greg Mueller as acting principal for the 2019-2020 school year once Marshall enters his new role.

“Greg has extensive school leadership experience,” Meixner said. “One of the things we've tried to be very strategic about is building strong teams, both from the academic side and from the overall school leadership side, which in this case has really positioned us to do well and make these kind of transitions.

“Greg has been preparing to be a principal someday and John has been preparing for additional leadership opportunities. So when we have these opportunities, it's exciting that we're able to that from within — we're strong enough and robust enough to be able to turn to people in our community to take on new roles.”

Posted August 30, 2019

Update: Mueller was named principal of CJ in November 2019 (read more).