Cheerleading Coaches Using New Format

Two familiar faces were recently chosen to coach and lead the CJ cheerleaders this upcoming school year.

Jessica Smith ’08 and Danielle Byrd said they were both excited about the opportunity to give back to the CJ community through the cheerleading program.  Smith cheered during the football and basketball seasons all four years she attended CJ and Byrd is the parent of a CJ student.

“I am most excited to give back to my high school,” Smith said about being back at CJ.

“I love this school as a parent, so this is a great opportunity for me to give back to this school which has given so much to my child,” said Byrd.

The coaches will work together for both the football and basketball seasons. Byrd will be the head coach during the football season and Smith will assist. Their roles will reverse for the basketball season.

“I like the fact that the coaches will be working together consistently throughout the seasons,” interim Athletic Director Jason Unger expressed about the new coaching format.

Cheerleading try-outs for the 2015-2016 school year took place at the end of June, but both coaches encouraged students interested in the program to start thinking ahead for the following year.

“A lot of new girls came out this year,” Byrd said. “It’s a great bonding opportunity and positive role model experience for girls.”

Smith agreed, “if you are thinking about being a cheerleader, do it!”