CJ Celebrates Language Week

Salut! Hallo! ¡Hola!

Chaminade Julienne is recognizing all foreign languages and American Sign Language as part of the annual Language Week, which began on Monday, January 25.

"Language Week allows CJ as a community to truly embrace our diversity and the unique abilities of our students: both for those who speak a foreign language, as well as those who are currently learning a new language," shared German Teacher and Language Club Moderator Katie Harding.

"We want the students to see other uses for language besides what they study in class," added Spanish Teacher and Language Department Chair Peg Regan '73. "We want to raise awareness throughout the school so students who aren't in language classes can be aware of what we do."

During the week, students hear festive music from different countries before their first class of the day. The morning prayers are also read in a foreign language. 

On Tuesday, students in Harding's class made a traditional German breakfast snack, grießbrei (semolina porridge). 

"This year we are basing Language Week more on the culture," said Nate Reuter '17. "My dad is fluent in German and my sister took four years of German when she went to CJ. I am in German 3 now and my brother is taking German 1."

Lizzie Ruetschle '17, who is also in German 3, added, "Learning German is historical for me. My family is from Germany and I went to Germany last summer."

Throughout the week, students can be seen wearing buttons with phrases from a different language.

"I love the buttons because everyone is trying to figure out what the message is on each one," noted Regan.

Other activities planned for the week include a scavenger hunt, trivia, a chopsticks competition,  the delivery of thank you cards and Spanish and French-inspired treats to the CJ faculty and staff.

Harding said, "I am most looking forward to distributing thank you cards that our foreign language students have made to faculty and staff in the building. Our students have taken some time to really think of nice things to say and thank their teachers and the staff here. I can see clearly that they are truly thankful for the education they receive here, and feel blessed to be a part of our community."