CJ Community Supports Peace Heroes Walk

Following in the footsteps of those who came before them and honoring them through their actions, members of the Chaminade Julienne community recently participated in the 2nd Annual Miami Valley Peace Heroes Walk Around the World.

The Peace Heroes Walk – held on September 11– was a family-friendly educational event designed to promote peace literacy through the stories of peace heroes. Teams selected a peace hero to honor – in the case of the Chaminade Julienne team it was Sr. Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN '49. The CJ team included members of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur community, alumni, current students and PULSE volunteer Dominic Sanfilippo.

“Hundreds of people from around the Miami Valley gathered to commemorate specific peace heroes that were important to them – whether it was an activist and a peace champion with local roots, like Sister Dorothy Stang, or a cultural icon, like Muhammad Ali – and to raise awareness of the process of peace literacy, peace education, and the breadth and depth of the stories and experiences of the city of Dayton in general,” Sanfilippo said.

Sanfilippo has visited the International Peace Museum and participated in peace-themed celebrations and remembrances, but was greatly impacted by this, his first peace walk. An estimated $87,000 was raised by 654 registered walkers.

“There was such a joyful vibe and energy at the walk, which I think came from the diverse array of people conversing and celebrating,” Sanfilippo said. “I saw people from all walks of life mingling, laughing, and, when the band was playing music before the walk, singing together.

“Events like this are a powerful reminder of one of the guiding tenets of the city of Dayton – to be a diverse, lively city that encourages talk and work around peace and justice – as well as a reminder of why I chose to both become more active with the Marianists and CJ in a lay capacity and to dive into the messy, beautiful work of helping create community in the ordinary moments of life in the Gem City.”

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