CJ Faculty Celebrate Teaching Milestones

Congratulations to CJ's teahers, educators and administrators who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in service to Catholic education. The following faculty and staff members were honored on Tuesday, May 3 at the annual Teacher Recognition Banquet hosted at the Presidential Banquet Center:

  • Brad Kassner, science teacher (5 years)
  • Greg Mueller, English teacher (5 years)
  • Amy O’Loughlin, science teacher (5 years)
  • Jason Unger, assistant principal (5 years)
  • Stacy Dues, foreign languages teacher (10 years)
  • Lori Dozer, health and physical education teacher (10 years)
  • Scott Pierce, math teacher (10 years)
  • Steve Fuchs, math and business & technology teacher  (15 years)
  • Diana Barr, art teacher (25 years)
  • Linda Colas, foreign languages teacher (30 years)
  • Lisa Colbert, religion teacher (30 years)
  • Ann Meyers, math teacher (30 years)
  • Bob Young, science and business & technology teacher  (30 years)

Among those recognized at the banquet included Jenny Secor, math teacher, who was acknowledged for successfully securing an "Innovative Teacher Grant." Judi MacLeod, chair of CJ’s Cuvilly program, served as presenter of awards.