CJ Football Moms Reconnect at Camp

Ask a CJ football mom about her favorite part of the fall season and you may be surprised to hear one of the most popular experiences comes in summer, well before the Eagles take their first snap on the gridiron.

It’s Moms’ Camp!

“I always love camp,” said CJ parent Dawn Oppy. Held this year in mid-July, Moms’ Camp provided a welcoming way for all parties to start the season and break the ice.

Mrs. Oppy said she appreciated the opportunity to “reconnect” with other moms before spending Friday nights together in the stands. “It’s also great to spend time with the new, incoming freshman moms,” she continued.

For the third summer in four years as head coach, Marcus Colvin and staff made time one Saturday morning to give parents a chance to meet, learn about the game, and get to know the program. Camp opened with breakfast, organized by CJ football wife Mrs. Amanda Colvin, followed by presentations and “drills” in the Student Conditioning Center.

“We heard speakers on the topics of high school football officiating, health and nutrition for football players, and got to learn more about our sons’ positions and how CJ calls plays,” said Mrs. Oppy, whose son Adam will be a junior defensive back. “We even ran a few ourselves!”

Guest speakers included Mr. Paul Beyerle (pictured right), a CJ parent and tenured football referee, as well as Ms. Mary Brunner of Premier Health, one of the Eagles’ athletic trainers. The experience proved to be equally enjoyable as it was informative.

“Thanks to all the coaches and especially to Mrs. Colvin for organizing,” Mrs. Oppy said, adding that she looks hopes to meet new friends and see familiar faces at football camp next summer.