CJ - A New Place to Call Home

Why was CJ the place to be in 2017?

A current senior and freshman share their thoughts about their new CJ home.

CJ is a new experience for everyone who walks through its doors for the first time. For many students, the journey starts with expectations and excitement for the years  ahead. Freshmen like Chi Ejinaka are experiencing the new challenge of high school life.

“Going into it, I knew I’d have a lot of homework each night and that my classes would be more challenging than what I was used to. It did surprise me how my time was easily taken up by homework and clubs, while still trying to have a social life.

“It’s like one of those things you expect, but when it finally happens, it’s more than you thought it would be. I think I’ve gotten really good at budgeting my time and am cautious of how many clubs I join. I do try to be involved because it really helps with making friends and having fun 

experiences. It’s exciting to discover for yourself how nice people are here — and, I have some really chill, understanding teachers. There are also a lot of nice upper-classmen who have befriended me and tell me what to expect later on. It’s really cool to feel like I have older siblings here because it makes me feel like I have my own second mini family.”

 Other students come to CJ as upper-classmen, many ready for a change — even if only for a year. Senior Zach Scott says that he worked hard to convince his parents of his desire to transfer.

“I had to press hard to get here, and my parents weren’t too sure of it. Now that I am here, I feel so comfortable and blessed to be able to complete my academics at such an amazing school, and find opportunities for me to contribute.

“Already, I feel I have experienced growth in myself, in my academics — learning in subjects not available at my former school — and growth in my faith. It’s the best decision I have made, and I’m grateful to my parents for allowing me to make the switch.”

Story as published in the Fall 2017 issue of Vision.

Posted December 29, 2017