CJ Poetry Out Loud Champ Heads to D.C.

Update 4/24/18: Caroline finished in the regional round of the national Poetry Out Loud competition. Congratulations!

Update on 3/5/18: Caroline won the Ohio Poetry Out Loud competition, and will now compete in the national competition, taking place in Washington, D.C. on April 24 and 25. You can watch Caroline take the stage between 9 a.m. and noon on April 24 through this link.

Congratulations, and good luck, Caroline!

Original Story: A four-year veteran of the CJ Poetry Out Loud competition will take to the big stage when she competes in the state-wide competition on Saturday, March 3.

Caroline Delaney ‘18 was named runner-up in last year’s school competition, and was thrilled to be named CJ’s Poetry Out Loud champ this year.

“It has taken four years of hard work to get here,” Delaney shared. “For the final CJ competition, I recited Plaint In a Major Key by Jorge Sanchez and Dirge Without Music by Edna St. Vincent Millay.”

Eleven students made to the final round of the school competition. They were:

  • Grace Jackson ‘19
  • Katie Kohnen ‘18
  • Madison Meixner ‘20
  • Anna Mussin-Philips ‘21
  • Madeline Hofstetter ‘20
  • Chloe Proffitt ‘21
  • Caroline Delaney ‘18
  • Ella Waldspurger ‘20
  • Paul Wittmann ‘18
  • Anna Kutter ‘19

“This year we had a diverse group of students compete,” English department chair, Molly Bardine, said. “We were excited to also have some new judges this year which come from diverse backgrounds and experiences with poetry.”

When reflecting on why she enjoys competing in Poetry Out Loud, Delaney said, “When you get to the climax of the poem and you look around and see every person looking up at you, waiting to hear what you are about to say — they hang on your every word and it fills you with so much pride and confidence.”

After winning the school competition, Delaney competed in the regional competition, which she won on February 16, which qualified her for the state competition.

“Poetry Out Loud continues to be a program which highlights and also brings out some amazing gifts in our students,” Bardine noted.

“Poetry is a very powerful thing,” Delaney added. ”Poetry has defined eras. Poetry Out Loud brings poetry to life and shows us what it means to be a poet. It is a powerful competition!

Originally Posted February 27, 2018