CJ Receives 23 DayTony Awards

The CJ performing arts department received a record number 23 DayTony's at the annual award ceremony on Thursday, May 31.

"The DayTonys are a great way to celebrate our accomplishments this year, and always remember how proud we are of all of our cast and crew members,” said choir and drama teacher Caitlin Bennett! “We tackled two very challenging productions this year, and I think this recognition celebrates the excellence of these productions as a whole.”

CJ Adult/Designer/Director Awards were:

Adult Design and Technology Merit Award

  • Derek Dunavent - Properties, Tartuffe
  • Derek Dunavent - Lighting Design, Once on this Island
  • Rachel Robinson - Scenic Design, Tartuffe
  • Ronald Frost - Sound Design, Tartuffe
  • Bryan Sharpe, Sound Design , Once on this Island

Adult Design and Technology Excellence Award

  • Charis Weible- Costume Design, Tartuffe

Adult Direction Merit

  • Derek Dunavent, Director, Once on this Island

Adult Direction Excellence

  • Caitlin Bennett, Director, Tartuffe

Adult Direction Award of Excellence

  • Debi Schutt, Musical Direction, Once on this Island

Student/Ensemble Awards were:

Performance in a leading role - Merit in a Play

  • Sam Brown, Tartuffe

Performance in a leading role - Excellence in a Play

  • Anna Kutter, Tartuffe
  • Jacob Ely, Tartuffe

Performance in a leading role -  Merit in a Musical

  • Sarah Benson, Once on this Island
  • Ashley Gerhard, Once on this Island

Performance in a leading role - Excellence in a Musical

  • Angelo Knight, Once on this Island
  • Natalie Mussin Phillips, Once on this Island
  • Jacob Ely, Once on this Island

Ensemble Performance - Excellence

  • The cast of Tartuffe
  • The cast of Once on this Island

Special Recognition for Outstanding Overall Production

  • Tartuffe
  • Once on this Island

Posted June 6, 2018