CJ Recognizes National Engineers Week

What would happen if engineering disappeared for a day? Every day things we can take for granted like electricity in homes, to using computers, and even brushing teeth would no longer be of existence without engineers.

February 21-27, 2016 marked the 65th anniversary of National Engineers Week. As part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series, CJ STEMM Coordinator Meg Draeger shared with students the difference engineers have made in the world today.

"I wanted students to think about how much engineering does impact our daily lives and how much we wouldn't have if it wasn't for engineers," Draeger explained. "Engineers make our lives easier and more fun." 

Draeger shared with students things that are possible thanks to engineers including athletic shoes, theme park rides, and computer-generated imagery, just to name a few.

Students who attended the presentation said they have an interest in engineering fields after CJ.

"I'm interested in how to build stuff and math," commented Mykala Ross '18. "I want to be an architect 10 years from now."

Antonio Moore '18 added, "I don't know what my career will be, but I like to see how things are made like computers and engines in cars."

"At CJ, we now have three 3D printers," Draeger noted. "We also continue to have new STEM initiatives and competitions."

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to be engineers themselves using Legos and other building materials.

You can learn more about National Engineers Week here.