CJ Science Teacher Returns to Grade School Alma Mater

Honors chemistry students stepped into teacher’s shoes for a day as they performed lab experiments with eighth grade classes at Incarnation School in Centerville. The day’s lesson plan included teaching interactively about factors that affect chemical reactions rates: temperature, concentration, surface area, and catalysts. 

“The 8th graders got great hands-on lab experience and also learned about high school and honors classes,” said Amanda Reeber, CJ science teacher. “CJ students really enjoyed the experience and want to teach again another grade school.”

Reeber enjoyed the opportunity to travel to her grade school alma mater and introduce her students to her former science teacher, Linda Bruns. Bruns said she appreciated the enthusiasm and encouragement that CJ students showed the 8th graders concerning the science topic as well as “the insights they provided about high school life. “It was a great experience.”

Other Visits Scheduled for This Month

  • Latin 3 and 4 students to visit Mary Queen of Peace
  • Creative writing students to conduct writing workshops with junior high students