CJ STEMM Transitions

In order to best prepare students for high school level math and science courses, grade students need to have a solid foundation and be proficient with basic skills, such as mental math, multiplication facts, and fractions. To be successful in science courses, these students should have multiple hands-on inquiry lab sessions, including extensive microscope use. A student’s ability to use various computer technology and software applications, specifically Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, is integral to success in all high school coursework. CJ’s freshman Computer Skills Competency requirement tests and ensures that ability.

In mid-January, Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM coordinator, J.P. Gregory, admissions coordinator, Charlene Wheeler, guidance director and faculty members of CJ's science and math department hosted 16 math and science teachers from nine area Catholic elementary schools for informational networking session designed to inform them about the academic level options at CJ and the school's math and science course sequences. Participants learned about the preparedness of incoming ninth grade students to CJ and the criteria for placing students in the Advanced Placement and Honors, College Prep, and General levels and about the relevance of standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, and past performance.

Draeger shared numerous teaching resources available from national organizations, and suggested teachers also tap local providers such as the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Educational Outreach Office, and the Dayton Regional STEM Center. Opportunities for CJ current and prospective students, and resources for educators, can be found on the CJ STEMM Web site.

January CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series

  • Clinical Lab Sciences Superheroes
  • Dr. Cheryl Conley, WSU (above), and
  • Rosalie Koesel, Kettering Medical Center—chemistry hematology, immunology and microbiology, were January's CJ STEMM Idol guest speakers. They gave students a peek into the career of Clinical lab scientists who perform accurate and timely testing to assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment and help monitor and prevent disease.