CJ Students Travel To Augsburg

Update: September 30
On Sunday, September 27, students who went to Augsburg over the summer shared their experiences with families and classmates. This presentation is a requirement through the Dayton Sister City Committee. Two students who attended the trip can be seen with their presentation in the picture, below right.



First Look: A CJ tradition continued this summer when students visited Augsburg, Germany as part of an ongoing exchange program. 

Augsburg and Dayton became sister cities in 1964. CJ students began traveling to Augsburg in 2009 through a partnership with the Dayton Sister City Committee and CJ's Junior Council on World Affairs (JCOWA.) Social Studies teacher and CJ's JCOWA moderator Tony Ricciuto organized the trip along with Herr Burkhart, a teacher at Jakob Fugger Gymnasium, a school in Augsburg.

"The German students visit Dayton on the even years and the CJ delegation travels to Germany on the odd years," said Ricciuto. The Augsburg and Dayton exchange program began more than 50 years ago because of  NCR, Ricciuto added.

"Two years ago, we met Chaminade alumnus Paul Campbell '67 in Germany, " Ricciuto said. Campbell was part of the first ever Dayton exchange trip to Augsburg.

During their time in Germany, students met the Augsburg mayor at the Rathaus and took daily trips to Munich, Neuschwanstein and Landsberg.

On Friday, June 26, the students are scheduled to take a weekend trip to Berlin before returning to Dayton on June 29.



(Picture above right: the group visiting the Alps near the castle Neuschwanstein. Picture below right: standing in front of a monument built for the Berlin Airlift in front of the Berlin Tempelhof. Picture below left: in front of Reichstag, the German Parliament.)