Crèches From Around The World on Display at CJ

This Christmas season, four crèches from around the world were placed in the offices of Marianist Hall and in the chapel. The crèches are on loan from the Marianist Library at the University of Dayton.

Teacher Nancy Dever, who is also a co-coordinator of CJ's Mission Integration Team, said she first heard about the Marianist Library's crèche loan program while attending the Marianist Education Consortium conference at UD in the summer of 2010. CJ has been a part of the Marianist Library's loan program ever since.

Each year, CJ is given different crèches to be placed around the school.

"We do not have a choice in the crèches; however, Jean Nickelman, a volunteer with the Marianist Library who helps coordinate the program, is always on the lookout for crèches that she feels would be good for CJ," said Dever. "For example, the display in the chapel is from the Amazon. She thought we would enjoy that one because it was where Sr. Dorothy did much of her missionary work." 

The crèche in the chapel is named "Amazon Christmas" and is from Peru. In the business office, a small crèche named "Salamanca House Nativity," from Spain, is on display. The crèche in the St. Joseph Conference Room is named "Out of Tokien" and is from Germany. In the development office, the crèche is from Mexico and named "Mariachi Nativity." 

When looking at the Mexican crèche, Olivia Tanksley '18 said, "I like that it is different from nativity scenes you would normally see. I like that there is a mariachi band in the display."

Dever added, "I think the crèches can give the school community an appreciation of the significance of Jesus' birth, and how his word touches all parts of the globe.  I think seeing how the different cultures represent the nativity show us what a universal story Jesus' birth."  

You can click the pictures below to get a closer look at each crèche.