Deputy Demonstrates Alcohol's Effects

As part of a lesson on alcohol awareness, Ms. Lori Dozer invited Deputy Jerome of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to health classes during the last week in November, to help inform students about the effects that alcohol has on the body. The class, made up of mostly freshmen, watched an informational video on drunk driving from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, learned about blood alcohol content and the legal limits for minors as well as those of age, and participated in field sobriety tests.

To demonstrate the visual impairment created by consuming alcohol, students put on special goggles and were asked to perform simple tasks such as tossing a tennis ball and walking a straight line. Classmates struggled with depth perception and balance as they walked about ten feet, heel-to-toe in the hallway.

“It is important for our kids to know that alcohol affects you in many ways, especially when it comes to driving,” Dozer said, adding that it is important for freshmen to be aware of these issues in particular since the teens are beginning to get learner’s permits and driver’s licenses.

Deputy Jerome agreed and commented that showing young people the effects of alcohol early can directly influence prevention in the future. As a mother of five—with three in high school—and a Montgomery County D.A.R.E. officer, Jerome said she is comfortable in the classroom.

“It is my dream job to be with the kids,” she said. “That is where I feel I can make the biggest difference.”