Dresses for Degrees Sale Sunday

Members of Chaminade Julienne's Key Club will host a "Dresses for Degrees" dress sale on Sunday, November 14 from noon to 3 p.m. at CJ. It is part of the service group's effort to send young girls in impoverished areas of Belize to high school.

Catholic high schools including Carroll and Alter teamed up with CJ students to donate over 200 dresses, which will be sold for $15 to $20 each. In addition to the sale, CJ students will offer educational information about the issues facing women in Belize. Everyone attending will be entered in for a chance to win raffle prizes. Prizes include dinner for two at local restaurants, hair styling services, manicures, a coach purse, and more.

The benefit is aimed at supporting both the local and global community while raising awareness of current world issues such as gender inequity. Dresses that do not sell will be donated to local teens who may otherwise not be able to purchase prom dresses. All proceeds from the sale will go towards academic scholarships that will be awarded to two young Belizean girls during CJ’s annual summer mission trip.

“Dresses for Degrees” is a follow-up event to last year’s Key Club project “Loose Change to Loosen Chains,” which raised enough money to allow two girls from Belize to continue with their high school education. Typically, families in the Toledo District cannot afford to send their daughters to high school, and instead, are forced into an early marriage and a life of poverty.

Dress Sale a Success!

The Key Club thanks all the parents and students who supported the "Dresses for Degrees" initiative Sunday. Due to your efforts to help recycle used dance dresses, CJ was able to raise $1,145 to contribute to high school scholarships for two Belizean girls, and the school will also donate two large bags of leftover dresses to local charities.